What's new in YourTradebase?

Showcase images in your quotes

29 September 2021

It’s important to make a great first impression. So we’re delighted to give you another way to impress customers with images in your quotes.

Want to show what type of unit you’re going to install?

…or how a finished job will look?

…or show a few different options?

We’ve got you! From today, add as many images as you need directly within your quotes 🎉

Here’s how images look in your quote:

You can also add images to your price list items, so you’re always ready to put your best quote forward.

What’s new: August 2021

31 August 2021

We’re always working to make YourTradebase work better – and smarter – for you. Along with our regular bug fixes and performance updates, here’s what’s new for August 2021:

🚀 Set VAT reverse charge per customer

If you’re applying VAT reverse charge to some customers, there’s no need to remember which customers require reverse charge – you can now choose whether to apply VAT reverse charge on a customer-by-customer basis.

Just edit a customer, and select whether VAT reverse charge should be applied when you invoice them. Easy!

Find out how VAT reverse charge works here.

🚀 Email messages are now saved as you type

If you’ve spent time crafting an email message to your customer, but your Internet connection drops before you can hit send… worry not! We’ve got you.

Email messages are now saved as you type, so there’s no danger of losing your message if something goes wrong. Just start the message again all will be restored (a little bit like magic!)

🚀 New email tags to use in your templates

We’ve added a few more tags to make your email templates more helpful:

  • {{job_description}} – adds any description for the job you’re referencing
  • {{job_balance}} – shows the outstanding balance amount for that job
  • {{quote_date}} – shows the quote date

Find our more about using tags in your email templates.

🚀 Customer name auto-added to new messages

Here’s a teeny time-saver: write a new message to a customer or a job and we’ll drop in the customer’s name for you, ready to go!

What’s new: July 2021

31 July 2021

We’re always working to make YourTradebase work better – and smarter – for you. Along with our regular bug fixes and performance updates, here’s what’s new for July 2021:

Add sections to your paperwork

Want to group items on your quotes (or invoices)? Now you can, thanks to our new section headings.

Add as many headings to your quotes as you like, to describe the items that follow, or to group items into different phases of work.

Login faster with your Apple account

Passwords can be a pain, so we’re happy to introduce Apple Single Sign On (SSO) to YourTradebase.

If you’ve got an Apple account, you can now use that to sign into YourTradebase. Just select “Log in with Apple” when you next log in and – we’ll authorise your account with Apple so you can log in without typing out your email and password each time.

Send a sample quote or invoice to yourself

Want to see what your quote or invoice will look like in your inbox? Select our new Send sample to yourself option, and we’ll email you a copy so you can see what your customer will see.

Map CIS deductions to specified account in Xero

If you’re connected to Xero and deduct CIS from any of your invoices, you can now choose which account we should map those deductions to in your Xero account.

Select Settings > Connect to Xero > Make changes to your Xero settings to get CIS mapping set up.

What’s new: June 2021

30 June 2021

We’re always working to make YourTradebase work better – and smarter – for you. Along with our regular bug fixes and performance updates, here’s what’s new for June 2021:

🚀 A clearer overview for your business

It’s now easier to see what needs your attention with a summary of your quotes, jobs, and invoices on your home screen:

👀 Tomorrow at a glance

Want a sneak peek at what’s on your plate tomorrow? We’ve got you!

See what tasks, appointments, and work dates are scheduled for you tomorrow are now shown on your home screen – select one to see the full details.

🗓 Job number and customer name now displays in iCal events

If you subscribe to your iCal feed, you’ll now see the job number and customer name when you view an event in your calendar software.

🎨 More ways to customise your job sheets

We’ve added a few extra options when customising your job sheets:

  • Show or hide scheduled events
  • Show or hide job totals
  • Show or hide customer name
  • Show job item prices including or excluding sales tax

✏️ Day name included in date {{tags}}

If you’re sending an event confirmation to your customer, we’ll now include the day of the week so it’s easier for both of you to know which date you’re seeing each other!

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way!

Take online payments in the US, Canada and Australia

10 May 2021

We’ve been helping our UK customers to get paid faster for almost a year now, and we’re super-happy to extend that help to our customers in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Get started taking online payments by visiting Settings > Take online payments.

You’ll find more about taking online payments in our help section.

Login faster with your Google account

30 April 2021

Passwords can be a pain, so we’re happy to introduce Google Single Sign On (SSO) to YourTradebase.

If you’ve got a Google account, you can now use that to sign into YourTradebase. Just select “Log in with Google” when you next log in and – we’ll authorise your account with Google so you can log in without typing out your email and password each time.

It’s quick, easy, and safe – and means no more typing out long passwords when you want to log in! 🎉

4 smart new looks for your paperwork

11 March 2021

You’ve probably got more urgent things to do than faff about with logos and layouts, right? We thought so. Which is why we’ve done it all for you. And today we’re launching four super-smart new looks you can add to all your paperwork in a couple of quick clicks. 

We call them themes, and each one lays out your paperwork in a slightly different – but equally smart! – way. Just pick the one that feels right for your business. You can even choose your own colours, so you can tie them in with your logo, your van or your team’s work gear.

Here’s what they look like

Here’s how they work

  • Open any quote, estimate, invoice, receipt or job sheet
  • Choose ‘Customise’ then ‘Design’
  • Pick the theme you want✌️Boom. Your paperwork gets a brand new look!

And that’s it. Once you’ve chosen your theme, it’ll automatically appear on all of your paperwork. Even better, we’ll remember what you picked, and apply it to everything new you do.

So, whether you’re emailing paperwork to customers, asking them to view it online or printing off a paper copy, it’ll look super professional, every time.

Job done. 

Apply VAT reverse charge to invoices

26 February 2021

From 1 March 2021, the VAT domestic reverse charge starts in the UK… and we’re ready for it!

VAT can be complex and boring, but we’re here to make it easy 😎 Once you’ve switched VAT reverse charge on, you can apply it to your invoices with a single click.

If VAT reverse charge applies to you, just switch it on via Settings > Invoices > VAT reverse charge and then choose which invoices are subject to VAT reverse charge as you create them.

If an invoice is subject to VAT reverse charge, simply check the option under the invoice total and we’ll re-calculate the VAT and display a notice on your invoice that VAT reverse charge applies.

1. Turn VAT reverse charge ON…

Via YourTradebase > Settings > Invoices

2. Apply VAT reverse charge with a single click…

3. We’ll update the invoice totals and display a note to your customer…

More info on VAT reverse charge

You’ll find more details on how VAT reverse charge works in YourTradebase in our VAT reverse charge help guide.

Want to learn more about the VAT reverse charge? Check out our VAT reverse charge article for more.

Happy reverse-charging!

Unlimited attachment sizes

24 February 2021

Want to send large file attachments to your customers? We’ve got you!

Today we’ve updated YourTradebase to remove the 10MB sending limit for email attachments 🎉

If your attachments are under 10MB in size, we’ll attach them to your email message in the normal way. Want to send more than that? Go ahead – we’ll turn those attachments into links at the bottom of your email, so your customer can click and open them that way.

Here’s how that looks:

Happy sending!

See your stuff, your way

8 January 2021

We’re kicking things off this year with a nifty new update. It’s all about giving you more control over how you view your jobs, tasks, quotes, invoices and customers. Let’s take a look…

When you’ve got a whole stack of stuff saved in YourTradebase, you need to find what you’re looking for, fast. So, we’ve been busy updating our main screens to help you filter, sort and see everything, just the way you want to.

Maybe you like your quotes listed in date order, your jobs sorted by start date, or your invoices arranged by reference number. We’ve all got our own way of doing things, and this update’s about giving you the freedom to work the way you want to. Here’s how…

Better filter options

Find customers, quotes, jobs, estimates and invoices faster with all filters available with just one click:

More ways to sort work

Choose the order you’d like to see things in – whether that’s by the date you wrote the quote, the date you started the job, the reference number or a whole bunch of other options.

Faster searching and filtering

Get straight to what you need, with speeded up search capabilities and even faster filtering.

Auto-loading, however long your list

See your stuff sooner, with auto-loading that shows your top search results straightaway, and loads more as you scroll.

Your preferences, remembered

Forget constantly re-entering filters and re-sorting lists. Just search, sort and view the way you want to, then we’ll remember your preferences for next time. 

And that’s it. Smarter, quicker ways to get you to the stuff you need, again and again. Get stuck in and give it a go. 

Happy sorting!

Smarter, faster, better paperwork – now live!

1 December 2020

We’ve been busy giving every piece of YourTradebase paperwork an upgrade, so you can knock out better-looking work, faster than ever. Time to take it for a spin!

We’re pretty excited about today’s update. Because we’ve been working our socks off to make every piece of YourTradebase paperwork quicker and easier to do – and better looking into the bargain. Nifty stuff…

So what’s new?

Auto-saving, so you never lose anything

We’ll keep your progress saved as you type, so you never lose any data as you work 🎉

Bold, italics and lists options in every doc

Easier text formatting – plus hyperlinks – for all quotes and invoices 🎉

(Much) faster systems for firing through work

We’ve made massive speed improvements – we’re super pleased with our super-quick paperwork, and we’re sure you will be too 🎉

Easier working straight from your phone

We’ve listened to your feedback and paperwork is much easier now from your mobile device 🎉

A smart new look, right across YourTradebase

Easier to read, easier to write – our all new paperwork-look 🎉

And more!

Plus we’ve done a whole bunch of work behind the scenes to make sure using YourTradebase just feels better too. Everything’s smoother, speedier and more intuitive, so you can blast through your admin in less time, with less head scratching.

Want to take our new paperwork for a spin? Just click the big Try new paperwork button next time you write a quote, estimate or invoice. It’s super easy to do, and you can switch back to the old system anytime you like. 


The YourTradebase mobile app is ready to install!

17 November 2020

Grab our shiny new app and get your hands on a truckload of faster features, wherever you are. It’s live in the App Store and Google Play today. Go, go, go!

You asked, we grafted. And now our No.1 most requested feature is live – the faster, better YourTradebase native app, designed specifically for your phone or tablet. It’s packed with all your favourite YourTradebase tools.

The new app taps into all the great functionality of your phone or tablet, letting you nip round faster and nail your paperwork in no time. And we’ll be adding a tonne of great new features over the next few months, helping you smash through that To Do list faster and feel super good.

Sound pretty handy? It’s all yours to download today on the App Store or Google Play. 

Let’s do this!