A tale of two cousins, one headache and a simple, shiny idea

This is our story…

Like all the best things, YourTradebase started with a cuppa. It was 2010 and Dean’s building business was growing. He was doing great work, making people happy and enjoying being his own boss – but he was worn out.

Not by the graft. Not by the clients. But by the piles of paperwork waiting at home every night. Estimates, invoices, quotes… he just couldn’t keep up. In fact, he was almost ready to walk away from the work he loved.

Until that cuppa. Because across the table sat his cousin Adam, a web developer. And together the two of them came up with a simple way to solve Dean’s problem, while helping a whole load of other tradespeople too. They called it YourTradebase.

Right from the start it’s been about making life easy – a handy tool for blasting through paperwork and helping busy people keep track of the work they do. It’s still that way today. Just ask one of the thousand happy tradespeople using it every week.

And Dean? He’s happy too. He’s now got a team of ten, lots more satisfied customers, and his evenings back too. Job done.

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