What's new in YourTradebase?

Know what you’re owed with job balance statements

10 September 2020

When you’re busy on site, it’s not always easy to keep tabs on what your customers owe. So, today’s update brings you a bang-up-to-date look at each job’s balance – handy for giving late payers a nudge, and keeping your cashflow healthy

Whether you’re juggling loads of jobs or chipping away at a long-running project, it’s good to know where you stand money-wise. That’s the idea behind our new job balance statements, designed to show you – and your customer – where you stand, at a glance.

They’re a great way to avoid confusion, keep customers in the loop and make sure nobody forgets to pay their bills.

Even better, they’ll show what a super-organised pro you are.

How do they work?

Whenever you win a job, or get a quote accepted, we’ll automatically set up a job balance statement, showing the budget for the job. 

Then, whenever you send an invoice, get a payment or give a credit note, we’ll automatically update what you’re owed, so you can see what’s still due (or overdue) and when it should be paid. 

And if a job changes scope once it’s started? No problem. When you send an updated quote, we’ll automatically add any extra costs to your running total too.

Where can I find them?

You can take a look at your balance statement for any job, any time. Just go to Any job > Invoices > View balance statement.

They’re quick and easy to view, download and print – and if you need to give a customer a nudge, you can email them a copy in a few quick clicks.

What do they look like?

Here’s a quick example…

Sound good? If you’ve already got jobs on the go in YourTradebase, you’ll find real-life job balance statements for everything you’re doing right now, just by going to Job > Invoices > View balance statement. Jump in and take a look.

Happy balance checking!

Keep your team in the loop with files and notes

13 July 2020

If you’ve got busy teams on multiple sites, keeping everyone in the loop can be tough. After all, you can’t be everywhere, all the time.

That’s the thinking behind today’s update – a nifty new way to get your teams totally up to speed, and help your jobs run like clockwork…

Wherever they are, whatever they’re working on, teams work best when they’ve got the very latest information right at their fingertips.

So let’s give it to them.

Share files with your field team.

From today you (or your admin team) can choose which job files you want your field team to be able to see, when they’re out on site. 

Maybe they need the measurements you’ve taken, the spec you’ve agreed, or the delivery details for the latest load of timber, tiles or tools. Whatever it is, you can share it with them in a couple of clicks – and they’ll be able to open it in YourTradebase, on their phone, anywhere.

Just choose who to share each file with:

And they’ll be able to open up all the info they need.

Field teams can upload files and add notes, on site.

But that’s not all. They’ll also be able to add their own notes, files and photos to the job, giving you eyes and ears on every project, even if you can’t be there in person.

Whether they want to show you the progress they’ve made, flag up something unexpected or just keep track of customer requests, it’s really quick and easy to do – and share with you.

Even better, every time someone on your team adds a note or uploads a file, we’ll make sure you (or your admin team) get a heads up. You’ll get an in-app notification, so you can pop open the file, see what’s happening, and do what you need to do. It’ll look like this:

So, there you have it. A super simple, easy way to share need-to-know info with your hard-grafting team.

Ask your customers to sign online

9 June 2020

When a customer gives you the go-ahead, it’s good to know they really mean it. Which is why we’ve added a nifty new update to YourTradebase. It’s a quick, easy way for customers to add their signatures when they accept a quote – sealing the deal and giving you extra peace of mind.

We’ve all been there. A customer says yes to a quote, then they go quiet, put the job off, or change their mind completely. It happens. But for trades, it makes planning pretty tricky. Which is why we wanted to give you an extra way to pin people down – and get great jobs in the bag.

Here’s how it works. From now on, whenever you send a quote in YourTradebase, you’ll be able to choose whether you want the customer to sign when they accept it. There’s a quick tick-box at the bottom of the quote – just tick or untick it, depending whether you’d like them to sign on the dotted line. Let’s take a look…

If you tick to say you want a signature, we’ll put a box like this at the bottom of the quote…

If your customer’s looking at their quote on a computer, all they’ll need to do is click the mouse, hold and draw. And on a laptop or tablet, they’ll just use their finger to squiggle. It’s quick, easy and pretty much like signing for a parcel. Here’s one we signed earlier…

Once they sign, we’ll send a copy to you and save the signed quote in YourTradebase so you can look back at it whenever you need to.

It might be that you want a signature every time – or just when you’re working with new customers or on bigger, more expensive jobs. Whatever works for you. Of course, there’s no guarantee your customer still won’t do a disappearing act, but this is a quick, easy way to ask for a bit more commitment, and make sure they’re really serious about bringing you in.

Take it for a spin, we think you’ll like it!

Find previous job addresses super fast

14 May 2020

Save time, type less and find the addresses you need faster with our latest update…

We’re always looking for quick, easy ways to shortcut your paperwork and help you get on with the stuff you’d rather be doing. So today we’re launching our latest update – a small change that’ll save you time, again and again.

From now on, whenever you set up a job, track a lead or write a new quote or invoice for a customer you’ve worked for before, you’ll be able to pick from all the addresses you’ve previously entered for them.

Just tap on the address you need and we’ll drop it straight in. 

There’s even a quick search function to help you find the right address fast – handy if you’re working for a bigger contractor or developer with stacks of work sites.

No more hunting around for scribbled notes, re-typing the same thing, or making unnecessary mistakes – just fast, accurate address finding, every single time.

Happy time saving!

Choose where invoices get sent

23 April 2020

If you have customers with an accounts department, or a specific email that invoices need to be sent to, you can now set them up to send your invoices to that email address 🎉

You can now select an Invoice to email when you create or edit a customer. We’ll then use that email address when you next send them an invoice email.

That means you can choose where to email invoices for each customer!

If the “Invoice to email” isn’t set, we’ll just use the customer’s usual email address instead.

Want to send to multiple “Email invoices to” addresses? No problem, just add as many as you need as they’ll be automatically added when you send your next invoice to them.

This should make sending invoices faster and simpler, and help you get back to doing your thing…

Happy invoice emailing!

We now take card payments (and so do you!)

21 April 2020

Our latest update’s a biggie. Because from today, you can tell your customers you take card payments. Yep, you.

No more fiddly transfers or flimsy cheques. Just email your invoice, add a shiny new ‘Pay online’ button and get paid super fast, super securely.  

Nobody likes waiting to get paid. You do the job, you send the invoice… and then what? Your customer makes a bank transfer, when they eventually get round to it? Or worse, they finally post you a cheque, then it sits in your kitchen for a week before you get time to go to the bank? It’s not the slickest system.

So have we fixed it? You bet…

Get your money faster

From now on, whenever you write an invoice, you’ll be able to add a ‘Pay online’ button, so your customers can choose to pay their bills instantly online, using their credit or debit card.

When they do, we’ll send you (and them) a notification to say the payment’s been successful, and we’ll change your invoice status to ‘Paid’. Job done.

Say hello to Stripe

We’re tradespeople, not banking people, so to bring you a top-notch payment system, we’ve brought in some expert help. We’re working with the team at Stripe – a really secure, no-nonsense online payment platform used by millions of businesses, all over the world.

These guys know their stuff. They’ve built a simple, streamlined system that meets the toughest safety standards in the payments industry, keeping your hard-earned cash safe as houses. It’s easy to use and it gets you paid fast.

How do I get started?

It’s totally free to set up a Stripe account and link it to YourTradebase. Stripe doesn’t charge subscription fees, and all you need to get started are your bank account number and sort code. We’ve even put together a quick step-by-step guide to walk you through it. 

So how does it work? Well, your customer can make a card payment as soon as they open their invoice.

And they can do it anywhere, on any device, even their phone. Our reckoning is, the easier we make it to pay, the faster customers will do it.

Once they’ve paid, you’ll get a notification to say the money is pending in your Stripe account. It’ll take 7 days to drop into your bank account, then you’re good to go.

What will my customers see?

Does it cost me anything?

Stripe takes a small fee from every transaction to pay for their pretty nifty system. So, if your customer pays with a card from the UK or EU, Stripe takes 1.9% plus a 20p fee.

To give you an example, if your invoice comes to £300, they’ll take £5.70 + 20p. For the time and hassle it’ll save you, we think that’s a pretty good deal.

If your customer uses a non-EU card, Stripe will take 3.4% + 20p.

At the moment, we’re just launching online payments for our UK tradespeople, but if you’re in the US or Australia, we haven’t forgotten you – we’re working on it!

What if I don’t want to take card payments?

No problem. At the top of every invoice, there’s a toggle that lets you choose whether to accept card payments or not.

If you’ve connected to your Stripe account, you’ll be able to turn it on and off on an invoice-by-invoice basis.

Totally up to you. Take a closer look at how to do it here.

What’s next?

Want to find out a bit more about Stripe? Here’s the lowdown on what they do. Like to learn more about getting started? Check out our step-by-step set-up guide. Got questions? Just shout.

We think this update’s a real game changer and we can’t wait to see how it helps you do your thing, better than ever.

Happy invoicing!

Send smarter-looking emails

12 March 2020

We’ve cracked open a toolbox full of tricks to help you write great-looking emails that grab your customers’ attention and make you look like a total pro…

When it comes to making an impression, little things make a massive difference. So today, we’re giving you one more way to show what a pro you are – every time you send an email.

Here’s the deal. Until now, when you sent emails in YourTradebase, your message appeared in plain old text. No fuss, no formatting, just the basics.

It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t… brilliant. We thought it was time to switch things up.

So from today, we’re bringing in rich-text formatting.

What’s that now? Well, it’s a simple change that puts a whole bunch of new tricks at your fingertips. Even better, they’re super quick and easy to use.

Got a really important point to get across? Bung it in bold or add some italics. Want to include a list? Bring out the bullet points. Like to add a link? Just drop it in. Handy, right?

Here’s a quick before and after…

You can format text using the icons, or with the keyboard – using CTRL+B or CTRL+I.

Here’s a nifty video of the whole thing in action…

Simple stuff. Smarter messages.

Happy emailing!

Collect customer signatures on your printed job sheets

17 December 2019

Need to capture a scribble from your customer? Our latest update has you covered…

If you’re printing job sheets to organise your day, and need to collect customer signatures when you’ve completed your work, then this update makes things a lot easier!

Start collecting customer signatures on your job sheets ✍️

Here’s how they look:

You can add customer signatures to any job sheet by visiting it, selecting Customise > Show customer signature. You’ll then get a section of your job sheet ready for that scrawled signature.

Start collecting signatures today on your job sheets today!

Capture extra customer info so it’s always at your fingertips

10 December 2019

Want to keep a note of how a customer heard about you, what kind of boiler they’ve got or when it next needs servicing? Well now you can – and it’s super easy too…

A couple of weeks back we added a new feature, letting you tailor payment terms to each individual customer. Because everyone’s different, right? Well, it went down a storm, so we’ve decided to take things a bit further and help you capture whatever extra info you want about your customers – so it’s right at your fingertips when you need it.

It might be that you want to keep track of how people hear about you, so you can see whether that ad you put in the paper is earning its keep, or look after those customers who regularly recommend you. 

On the other hand, maybe you’d like to see at a glance what kind of kit you’ve installed for people, whether it’s a boiler, a bath or a brand of patio slabs. Being able to reel it off in seconds isn’t just handy – it’ll make your customers feel remembered, valued and in safe hands.

We’ve made it really quick and easy to do. And even better, you can add as much extra info as you like. Just repeat the handful of quick steps below until you’re all done.

Here’s how it works

Just go to Settings > Customers, click on ‘Add some extra customer info‘ and type in the name of the info you’d like to capture, for example “Boiler type”, “How they heard about us” or “Favourite biscuits”. Here’s that in action:

Once that’s done, you’ll see your new question every time you create a customer or edit an existing one.

And once you’ve added the extra info in (Favourite biscuits? Hobnobs), you’ll see it whenever you visit that customer’s profile. Nifty.

So, get all the info you need, every time. And if you need any help, just shout.

Colour code your team

14 November 2019

With one nifty little update, we’re making it easier to see who’s doing what, at a glance – great for busy teams and frazzled gaffers everywhere…

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. That’s the thinking behind our latest update – the option to colour code your team members in a few quick clicks. 

It only takes a minute to give everyone on your team a different colour, but it’ll make your schedule so much easier to read. You’ll be able to spot who’s working on what, when and where, faster and with less faff than before. Here’s how it works…

  • Visit your Settings > Manage team 
  • Choose a team member and click ‘Edit’
  • Choose a colour and click ‘Save this team member’
  • Job done!

You can also choose a colour whenever you add a new team member to your account.

Once you’re all set up, we’ll automatically show your chosen colours in your schedule, just like this:

Happy colour coding!

Let your customers see invoices online

One thing we’ve learnt along the way – the easier it is for people to pay you, the faster they’ll do it. Today’s quick update is all about making that happen…

Whenever you send a quote or estimate in YourTradebase, you’ve got the option of letting your customers open it up online. They can read it, download it, print it, ask questions about it and (fingers crossed) accept it on any computer, tablet or mobile.

It’s a quick, easy way to show your customers you’re a pro, build their trust and make their lives easier. So today we’re taking it one step further, giving you the option of doing exactly the same with your invoices. 

From now on, you’ll be able to let your customers read, download, print and ask questions about their invoices online too. It’s all about speeding up the processes that stand between you and pay day. And that’s got to be good news, right? 

Here’s how it works

Just go to

Then whenever you email an invoice in YourTradebase, your message will include a button your customers can click on and open their invoice online. Here’s what they’ll see…

Happy invoicing!

Set and save invoice terms for each of your customers

13 November 2019

Today’s update’s all about tailoring invoice terms to individual customers – saving you time, reducing faff and keeping your regular customers happy. Let’s take a look…

When you write invoices in YourTradebase, you’ve always been able to choose how long before they’re due. But we know lots of you like to be able to give different customers different terms. Different strokes for different folks, right? Fair enough. 

So, today’s update makes that easy. Now you can pick payment terms for each individual customer, whether they’re seven days, ten days, 30 days or anything else. You can also choose whether to deduct CIS for that customer too. 

Once you’re done, just save those preferences and the next time you send that customer an invoice, we’ll drop them in for you. So, if you’ve chosen 30 days, we’ll give the invoice a due date that’s 30 days away. Easy.

Here’s how to do it…

Click on the customer’s profile and the edit (from the actions ‘…’ menu), look for the ‘Invoice due in’ box and type in the number of days. Right below that you’ll see ‘Deduct CIS?’. Just tick the box if that’s what you want to do, then click ‘Save customer’ to, well, save the customer. All done.

It’s just the same for brand new customers. When you’re on the ‘Create a customer’ screen, you’ll get the same options for invoice dates and CIS. Just make your choices and click ‘Save’.

Want to see what that looks like? Here’s a quick screenshot:

Changing invoice due terms for a customer

And that’s it! You’ll be making sure your invoices get paid without hitting any speed bumps, and keeping your customers happy too. Give it a go.