What's new in YourTradebase?

Take payments in-person

13 September 2023

Done the work and ready to get paid? Why wait! Our latest update allows you to collect payment from your customer in-person, there and then.

Introducing in-person payments to YourTradebase.

If you’re already set up with Stripe, you’re ready to start collecting card payments in-person.

Just create your invoice and select Add payment > Take payment now then hand your device to your customer for them to securely enter their card details.

The payment will be securely processed right away, with funds deposited to your Stripe account and your invoice marked as paid.

If you haven’t got Stripe set up to process online payments, connecting to Stripe is free and easy.

Learn more about taking in-person payments.

Get your invoices paid right away, with in-person payments from YourTradebase 🚀

Search materials and labour rates

10 August 2023

Costing work accurately often means adding materials and labour rates. Our latest update has just made that a whole lot quicker and easier.

Until now, adding materials or labour rates to your paperwork meant knowing what you were looking for. You start typing a material and then select the one you need.

But what if you’re not sure the exact material name, or want to compare a couple of different material options?

From today, you can now add materials directly from your material list. And the same for labour rates.

Here’s how it works

Just select Add from material list

You’ll see a complete list of all your saved materials…

You can search your material list for specific items, and see everything that matches…

Or filter by a category or brand…

When you find the material you need, select Add this material and it’ll be added to your material costs, ready to enter a quantity…

We hope this update makes finding and adding materials and labour costs to your paperwork much easier 👍

Happy costing!

Duplicate paperwork items

24 July 2023

Our latest update allows you to quickly duplicate entire work items on your paperwork with the click of a button.

We’ve added a quick and easy way to duplicate work items on your paperwork… introducing the duplicate button!

Hit the new duplicate button and we’ll copy the entire item – title, description, materials, labour, price and tax rate – to a new item ready for you to modify.

Happy duplicating!

Include quote valid until dates

10 July 2023

Is your quoted price good only for a limited time? Want to add some urgency to your estimates? Then say hello to valid until dates for your quotes.

Our latest update lets your customers know how long quotes and estimates are valid for. Select a date in the valid until field when creating or editing your quote:

We’ll then display the number of days a quote is valid for when you save your quote:

By default, we set quote valid until to 90 days, but you can change this at anytime via Settings > Quotes > How long is a quote valid for?

If you have a quote that you don’t want a valid until date for, just turn it off in Actions > Customise > Show valid until date.

We hope you find quote valid until dates helpful 👍

Psssst… You can also use our new {{quote_valid_until}} email tag in your email templates 🎉 Learn more in our help guide.

Lookup and find addresses

21 June 2023

Faster, more accurate address entry thanks to our latest update… Address lookup is now live in YourTradebase 🎉

Entering the correct job or customer address is super important – you need to know where the work needs to happen, and where to send your invoice once it’s done!

Today’s update has made entering addresses faster and more accurate with address lookup.

Search by postcode in the UK

For our UK customers, you can quickly search for your customer or job address using any UK postcode.

Enter a postcode, hit Find address and you’ll see a selection of matching addresses. Once you select one, you’ll be able to make any tweaks or updates to the address.

If you don’t know the postcode, or just want to type out the address, go ahead and hit Enter address manually to enter any address. Hit Search by UK postcode? anytime to return to the UK postcode search 👍

Address auto-complete anywhere around the World

If you’re outside the UK, you can use our new address autocomplete feature to speed up address entry and remove errors.

Just start typing any part of your address and you’ll see a list of matching addresses – select the one you need and it’ll be filled in for you!

Whether you’re finding addresses by a UK postcode, or using address autocomplete, job and customer address input is now faster and more accurate with YourTradebase 🎉

Happy address searching!

Update paperwork in bulk

31 May 2023

You asked, we listened! Bulk paperwork control has landed at YourTradebase 🚀

Your latest YourTradebase update gives you the power to update your quotes and invoices in bulk. From today, you can now:

  • Mark multiple invoices as sent
  • Mark multiple invoices as paid
  • Mark multiple invoices and cancelled
  • Mark multiple quotes as sent
  • Mark multiple quotes as declined

We have more bulk controls coming for you soon (PDF downloads, accepting quotes, and deleting paperwork), but let’s take a look at how these updates work today.

Let’s look at invoices first… 

Updating multiple invoices is now super easy.

Just head over to you invoices page and in your search bar hit select on the right hand side:

You’ll see the bar change to our bulk select menu.

On the left there is a counter so that you can quickly see how many invoices you have marked to change, followed by a ‘select all’ button in blue.

On the right you’ll see the bulk action drop down menu and the cancel button to return to the main invoice search screen:

Now get selecting!

From the list select the invoices you wish to bulk change, select what you would like to do with the invoices from the drop down menu… and 🎉 Ta-da… those updates will be done!

Looking to update something in particular?  Use the search bar to find the information you require before pressing select

As for quotes……

The application for bulk editing within quotes is very similar to that of invoices. 

Search > select > bulk action

It’s as easy as that!

Bulk update in action

Got questions or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you.

Merge customers and jobs

13 March 2023

The latest update to YourTradebase allows you to merge records for customers and jobs.

If you’ve got multiple records for the same customer, or if you’ve created paperwork for multiple jobs that should be the same, our latest update has your back: you can now merge customer or job records into one.

Just visit a customer or a job, select Actions > Merge into…

Then choose which record you’d like to merge this with, and select Merge customer/job.

Those records will then be merged together – along with all associated paperwork, notes, files, messages and events. No more duplicated records!

Happy merging!

Merging customers…

Merging jobs…

Capture signatures for jobs

11 January 2023

Today we’re pleased to announce that you can now capture and store digital signatures for jobs.

Perhaps you’ve finished a job and need to record customer sign-off, or want confirmation that a customer is satisfied – job signatures help you to do just that.

You’ll find a new capture signature button on every job sheet, allowing you or your field team to grab digital signatures from customers in-person and store them against the job.

Hand your customer any tablet or mobile device to capture their signature.

You can display signatures on your job sheets via the Customise menu.

Happy signing!

Performance reports for quotes and invoices

8 December 2022

Do you know what percentage of quotes are being accepted?

Or: How much you’ve been paid over a period of time?

Or perhaps: How long quotes are taking to be accepted, or before invoices are paid?

How about: How much of your quotes are for material costs?

…all important questions if you’re keen to track how your business is performing, or what you could be improving. Well, from today, you can answer all those questions (and more) in a quick click.

Introducing quote and invoice reports

Simple, easy-to-understand reports showing your headline performance for the past 12 months, and a break down for your chosen period of time.

Just enough data to improve your business without overwhelming.

Visit your Quotes or Invoices section, click on the new chart and see for yourself.

Happy reporting!

Custom colours for calendar events

15 November 2022

Want a different splash of colour for your calendar, or some more shades in your schedule? Then our latest update is sure to add some colour to your day!

Introducing… custom calendar colours 🎉

Choose from one of 7 new colours when adding events to your calendar or schedule.

Just select your colour when creating – or editing – an event, and your chosen colour will be used to show the event in your calendar or schedule.

Choose who receives notifications

20 October 2022

Need certain members of your team to get notified when a quote gets accepted, or an invoice gets paid? Our latest update is for you.

Account owners can now choose which team members receive which notifications 🎉

Get started today by visiting Settings > Notifications

Choose permissions for your admin team

31 August 2022

Want to give your admin members more – or less – control over what they can do in YourTradebase?

Then we’ve got a great little update to share with you today. Introducing… Admin permissions: the power to grant permissions to each admin on your team.

What permissions can we grant?

For starters, you get to choose whether your admins can export data, add other team members, create and view quotes and invoices. If we hear enough requests for other permissions then we’ll add those too, so let us know if you’d like to see something else to this list.

You’re able to choose extra permissions – or take permissions away – for admins when you add a new admin or edit an existing admin from Settings > Manage team. Just check the permissions you want to grant, and un-check those you want to take away.

Here’s how that looks:

Permissions for your admin team are ready for you to set right now. Visit Settings > Manage team to get started.