What's new in YourTradebase?

Attach files directly from dropbox

3 February 2015

Want to attach PDFs, plans, documents or images from your tablet or smartphone whilst you’re on the job?

We’ve made it easier to attach your documents to jobs, quotes, invoices or customers when you’re on the move; you can now attach files directly from a dropbox account.

Add an attachment as usual, but you’ll now notice a ‘choose a file from dropbox’ link; click that, and you’ll be invited to login to your dropbox account to select a file to attach.

Choose and upload your file and it’ll be available directly in YourTradebase.


Schedule your start times, convert quotes to jobs and all new job sheets

7 January 2015

We’re welcoming in 2015 with a host of new features and improvements for YourTradebase.

These changes are designed to improve the way you organise and manage your jobs, as well as a few smaller general improvements.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump in!

Convert your quotes to jobs

Had a quote accepted by your customer? You can now convert quotes to a job in a couple of clicks, schedule a start and end date and start invoicing against it.

Mark a quote as accepted and click ‘convert to job’ to get the job started. Any materials, labour and pricing information will be available right from within your new job.


Job sheets

Got a job about to start? Stay up to date with your notes, what work is required and what materials you need with the new job sheet feature.

Job sheets display the latest information for a specific job and can be downloaded, printed or emailed like any other paperwork in YourTradebase. All your jobs’ works items – including a breakdown of materials and labour – are available to view along with job details and notes.

Easily customise the options you want to display, then print a copy to take on the road or email to your teams on site.

Visit your job, click the new ‘work details’ tab and select ‘View job sheet’ to see job sheets in action.


Schedule your job start and end times

We recently introduced a new calendar function to help you see your upcoming work, and we’ve now improved job scheduling further with the ability to select start and end times for your jobs.

Jobs start times can be scheduled in just a few clicks, and you can browse your work calendar to see available work slots right there and then.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.57.42

Easier paperwork display options

Creating great looking, professional paperwork is at the core of what YourTradebase does, and we’ve worked to make customising your paperwork even easier.

Select ‘Display options’ on any quote, invoice or job sheet and you’ll see a better way to select how your paperwork is displayed.

With more options and easier navigation you get more control over the look and feel of your paperwork.


Get an overview of your paperwork and your performance

What percentage of your quotes are you winning? How many invoices are outstanding? How many leads are you converting to won?

We’ve updated your quotes, leads and invoices pages to make it easy to answer these questions and see how you’re performing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.58.32


As always, all of these updates are available the next time you sign into YourTradebase.

Wishing you a successful – and happy – 2015!

Optional quote items

18 December 2014

It’s important to deliver professional quotes with clear pricing to your customers, but sometimes your customer have choices. You might offer optional extras, or different levels of service.

Well, now you can add optional price items to your quotes and estimates for your customers to select.

Items that you mark as ‘optional’ are not included in your quote totals, and are displayed instead as ‘optional items’ within your quote


Available now: start adding optional extras and optional prices to your quotes in YourTradebase today.

Calendar for Your Jobs and Tasks

12 December 2014

Your work diary is a vital tool for your business, so we’re very pleased to announce a new calendar for YourTradebase, so you can more easily view and schedule all your jobs and tasks.

You now have your own digital diary to manage your workload and schedule your todos.


From your calendar, you can drag and drop jobs and tasks to schedule them or change their start or due dates, drag jobs to alter their duration across multiple days or weeks and quickly view the details of your jobs and tasks.

You can quickly browse your calendar and job schedule by month, by week or by day, as well as navigating through months to see your upcoming work and gaps in your work schedule.

Subscribe to your calendar in Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook and get your updates wherever you are. Changes you make to jobs and tasks in YourTradebase will automatically be updated in your calendar software.

Happy scheduling!

Learn more about how to use your new calendar or how to subscribe to your calendar.

Upload your Trade Accreditations

5 December 2014

Showing you belong to a trade body or association can help build customer trust, so we’re happy to announce you can now upload accreditation logos to your paperwork.

Upload up to 5 images to be displayed at the bottom of your quotes, invoices and receipts, and they will be displayed to your customers whenever you send, print or download your paperwork.

It’s easy to start displaying accreditations on your paperwork – visit the display options within a quote or invoice to upload your accreditations or learn more about uploading accreditation logos from our help guide.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 18.59.51



Upload files and send email attachments

30 November 2014

You can now upload all types of files to your jobs, customers, quotes and invoices in YourTradebase.

File Uploads

We’ve introduced file attachments to YourTradebase.

You can now upload files to customers, jobs, quotes and invoices for your reference.

Here’s some of the ways you can use file uploads to help:

  • Upload plans or documents for a job…
  • Take photos of the job you’re quoting for and upload them to keep all your  job data in one place…
  • Upload any certificate or warranties you issue for a customer or job…

You can upload any files of up to 10mb in size.

Find out more about uploading files from our help guides.


Email Attachments

You can also use the new file uploads to attach files when you send your quotes or invoices to your customers.

It’s easy to attach files to your emails: find out how to attach files to emails.



Set which email reminders you receive and when

16 November 2014

You now have more control over what reminders you receive from YourTradebase and when you receive them.

Your Email reminders settings have now been upgraded.

You can decide which emails you receive – and when you receive them – including:

  • Quotes which need to be sent
  • Quotes which need to be chased
  • Invoices waiting to be sent
  • Invoices that are overdue
  • Tasks due each day
  • Weekly summary of your business tasks and paperwork

Visit your Settings > Email reminders page to update reminders and suit the way you want to work.

Click here to find out more about setting email reminders.


Calculate CIS in your invoices

9 November 2014

A lot of sub-contractors need to show a CIS deduction on the invoices they present for payment, so it’s no surprise that CIS calculation is a frequently requested feature in YourTradebase.

We’re pleased to announce that sub-contractors are now able to calculate CIS deductions within their invoices.

CIS deductions will then be displayed on invoices ready to email, download or print.

Find out how to deduct CIS from your invoices in YourTradebase.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 20.48.54

New: Price your labour, print required materials and improved price lists

5 November 2014

New: price labour into your quotes and invoices

We’ve added the ability to calculate your labour costs when pricing quotes and creating invoices. You can now:

  • Calculate multiple labour costs per quote or invoice item
  • Save different rates of labour to your price lists
  • Quickly select saved labour rates when pricing your paperwork
  • Choose how to display labour to your customers: hide labour, show labour total, or show a breakdown of labour


Labour rates are available within your quote and invoice items for you to start using.

Learn more about saving labour to your labour rates list.

Print the materials required for your quotes

If you’re adding and pricing materials to your quotes, you can now view all the required materials for each quote in one easy list.

You can also print your material list or download them it to a PDF. (Handy for trips to the suppliers or ordering materials to site!)


Improved price lists

We’ve also upgraded your Services price lists with some major improvements:

  • Save work items to your price lists from within paperwork items
  • Breakdown materials and labour costs within your service prices
  • Select an item from your service price list when creating paperwork and any materials or labour included for that service is automatically populated for you
  • Re-use your saved services more quickly and easily, and save time typing!


Learn more about setting and saving your services in YourTradebase.


Improved customer emailing and filtering

28 October 2014

Better emailing

Emailing paperwork to your customers just got a little bit smarter; we’ve updated customer email address selection when sending paperwork.

You can now select addresses for your customer from a drop-down selection and email the same paperwork to multiple addresses.

If you enter a new email address, that will be automatically saved for that customer to re-use later.


Smarter filtering

We’ve also upgraded customer filters in your customers section.

Mr, Mrs, Miss, Mr & Mrs titles are now ignored when filtering by letter. So, filtering by letter now shows you the correct results:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 13.02.57




YourTradeBase Mobile

30 September 2014


We believe a great tool delivers a great experience. It’s what we strive for with YourTradebase so today we’re really happy to announce a better mobile experience with YourTradebase Mobile. Your paperwork, wherever you are.

YourTradebase in your hand.

The entire YourTradebase experience has been optimised for display on your mobile phone to deliver a great experience when you’re out and about.

We’ve included all the features you’d expect, and have lots more planned. You can create, edit and send your paperwork, lookup customers and set yourself tasks and reminders.

Anything you update on YourTradebase mobile will be automatically updated for the next time you sign in from a computer or laptop.

mobile navigationpaperwork optionsdashboardtasks

Getting your quotes and invoices to your customers quickly not only makes you look more professional, it helps you win more work.

So when we started building YourTradebase for your mobile phone, getting your paperwork created and organised quickly was top of our agenda.

paperwork indexcustomer selectcustomer viewpaperwork view

Visit YourTradebase on your mobile phone to try it for yourself.

YourTradebase has been given some love, too…

We’ve also been working hard on the computer and laptop browser version of YourTradebase to make sure the features you used the most are easier to get done.

We’ve designed a fresh new look for an easier-to-use dashboard:


Re-designed tasks to be faster and more helpful:

tasks index

We’ve also improved adding items to your quotes and invoices – including allowing you to save to your price list when creating paperwork:

paperwork item edit

These upgrades are ready and waiting.

All of these changes are ready and waiting for you and can be seen right now – there’s nothing to download or install.

Just sign in to YourTradebase from a computer or laptop to see the new updates, or sign in from your mobile to see all your data with YourTradebase Mobile.


Don’t have a YourTradebase account yet?

Join hundreds of tradespeople already saving hours on their paperwork:

Sign up for an unlimited free 30-day trial

Introducing Leads to YourTradeBase

13 July 2014

A smarter workflow starts with a lead.

You probably already receive leads by customer phone calls, referrals, websites – maybe even from social networks. But how do you manage them to maximise the work you might win?

To grow a successful business, keeping on top of new leads is vital.

Well, we’ve got your back: introducing Leads to YourTradebase.

Now you can create, track, manage and organise new work opportunities quickly and easily. Watch a quick video about leads in YourTradebase:


Manage your leads to win more work


See at-a-glance all your open, won and lost leads. How many leads do you have and what are they worth?

For each of your leads, YourTradebase shows you who it’s for, what it’s for and it’s estimated or quoted value.

You’ll also see what tasks are due and whether you’ve sent a quote to this customer.

See what you need to do to win more work at a glance.


Stay organised to stay on top of new work


One easy-to-scan screen for each of your leads.

Keep notes, important tasks and reminders for your leads. When you’re ready to quote, it’s just one click away!

Easily find the details you need to stay on top of new work opportunities.


Easily keep track of your work leads


Managing the status of your leads is just a single click away…

Won the work? Great! You can convert a lead into a job in one click.

Lost the lead? We’ll make the admin easy.


Start managing your leads in YourTradebase

These changes are ready for you to get started with in YourTradebase right now.

Just sign into your account (or start a free 30-day trial) and start managing your leads and working smarter today.