Let’s trade better

Five simple ideas with the power to help you smash it.

You didn’t learn a trade to be average. To just about get the job done. To scrape a profit.
To struggle on.

You learnt a trade so you could smash it – day in, day out, year in, year out.

So let’s do that. Let’s win more work. Let’s make people happier. Let’s trade better.

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Follow every lead

Call back, chase up and keep that diary full.

Leads are hard won. They happen because of the graft you’ve put in, and the people you’ve made happy. You’ve earned them. So don’t waste a single one. Get back to people like you’d want them to get back to you. Because it’s nice to be nice. And it’s good business too. Strong leads give you work now, and work later. They give you the chance to pick and choose. And they give you a diary full of profitable jobs you want to do. Which sounds good to us.


Have a solid system

Find a process that works for you – and follow it.

Let’s be honest, constant juggling is pretty exhausting. Balls get dropped. Things get missed. You get stressed. So we believe in building something brand spanking new. A process that takes your jobs from first phone call to final payment. A map that joins up all the things you need to do and reminds you when to do them. A path you can follow, step by step, until you know it like the back of your hand. A system that helps you deliver on your promises, every single time.


Be fast, be friendly

Keep people in the loop and they’ll keep coming back.

What do they want? A quote from you. When do they want it? Now. Fast, friendly communication is the difference between winning work and missing out. It’s as simple as that. So nail it. Get back to people. Respond reliably. Keep them in the loop. Be there. It’s the best way to build trust, grow your reputation and be that go-to tradesperson they always call. Because doing the work is 80%. Great communication? That’s the 20% that makes a whopping great difference.


Do admin little and often

Break it into bitesized chunks and get it done on the go.

Say no to admin days and yes to doing the hands-on, boots-on trade you love, every single day. It’s what you trained for. It’s what you worked for. It’s what makes you happy. So don’t let a whole load of paperwork get in the way. Do it little and often. A quote on the go. An invoice in the van. An estimate over lunch. All you need is the right set of tools and it’s click, click, done. Load lightened, stress busted, customers kept up to date. Everyone’s happy.


Be the pro it’s good to know

Build customer confidence – and a great reputation.

Show your clients you mean business with transparent, professional paperwork every step of the way. Send smart, detailed quotes and back them up with the whole shebang, every time – a breakdown of what’s included, a schedule of work and payments, crystal clear terms, customer testimonials, photos of work you’ve done, and all those industry accreditations you sweated over. You’ve already done the hard work. So don’t hide it – tell people. Show you’re a pro. It’ll make a big difference.

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