“I’d give it five stars!”

1 April 2019

Here’s the thing about mountains of paperwork. They get in the way. They clog up the dining room table, they get between you and your trade, and they stop your business becoming the even better business it could be. Scaling those mountains might feel like a mammoth task, but we’ve got just the toolkit you need to nail it – and you can take it for a spin, totally free.

Like a second opinion? Today we’re talking to another long-standing YourTradebase customer to find out how it’s helping him do his thing. Say hello to Geraint from Ewenny Group in Bridgend…

We joined YourTradebase nearly two years ago and it’s been a really busy time. Today we offer landscaping, construction and property maintenance across South Wales – and we run a garden centre too. There’s a lot of work to track and manage every day.

Before we found YourTradebase, we were wasting too much time. Collating data for the business was just taking too long, so we were looking for some kind of software that could do it for us. We wanted to see an overview of what we were doing, find things quickly and automate some of our regular admin processes.

Now I just click a couple of buttons and it’s all there.I can ask YourTradebase the value of all the jobs we’ve done within a certain period – and it just tells me. It takes about five clicks. In a spreadsheet, it would have taken about 50.

We’ve doubled in size, but YourTradebase has helped us maintain our customer service.Over the last 12 months we’ve really grown, but YourTradebase has allowed us to manage the quality of our customer service. I’d even say we’re now delivering a better service thanks to all the functions it gives us.

Our seven admin operators use it every single day.I call them our magic seven and they use YourTradebase all the time. We’re now at the stage where we feel confident enough to start thinking about rolling it out to our field teams too.

For us, YourTradebase reduces noise. The communication and tasks are all built around the customer, so rather than having to create something new all the time, the system creates it for you. If a customer needs something doing on their job, I can use YourTradebase to task it to the right person. The system logs that and shows me everything that’s happening. I don’t have to ask whether it’s been done, I can see for myself.

The recording and accuracy of the data it holds is great. It tells me if a customer’s opened my invoice and exactly how much they owe me at any point. I could look at it tomorrow and I’d know if you owed me a pound! I’d know when you paid it too!

It’s the follow on that I really like. It all just joins up. When you do A, it automatically allows you to do B, and when you’ve done B, you can automatically do C. It’s that transition from one part to another. For instance, if we send a quote to a client, one we know it’s open, but more importantly we know when we should chase it up. Then, when we’ve chased and it’s been accepted, we know we should send the client an invoice for the deposit. When that’s paid, our team knows and puts it into the work schedule.

Time saving is an understatement for the capacity of what it’s able to produce.Yes it’s time saving, but it’s much more than that. It’s an excellent management tool which allows us to communicate better internally and externally – internally with our admin team and externally with all of our customers. If I was going to review it, I’d give it five stars!

Huge thanks to Geraint for taking time out to chat to us, and for all the great feedback. We’re really happy to be helping you do your thing.

By Adam Austin

Co-founder of YourTradebase. One quick, easy app that frees you from paperwork and lets you get back to the job you love. yourtradebase.com

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