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How Paperwork is Preventing Business Growth

8th July 2015

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At YourTradeBase, we’ve recently carried out a survey asking 1,001 small business owners if they think paperwork prevents business growth. Take a look at our new infographic highlighting the results.

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The World’s 10 Most Extreme Jobs

5th June 2015

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Take a look at the new YourTradeBase infographic, highlighting 10 of the World’s Most Extreme Jobs and the risk factors involved.

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How to write a winning builders quote

5th February 2015

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Getting the most from word of mouth recommendations

12th November 2014

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How to win more work with a professional online presence

15th October 2014


A great online presence helps great tradespeople stand out from the competition and win more of the work they want. Here are our top 6 steps to building a great online presence.

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A 90-Second Video Introduction to YourTradeBase

14th October 2014

YourTradeBase Video

Got a minute (and a half)? Watch a quick introduction to how YourTradeBase is making paperwork easier for hundreds of tradespeople.

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How to follow up on your customer quotes more easily

17th September 2014

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Getting paid on time: how do you make sure customers pay on time?

3rd September 2014

Hand Drawn Calendar You do a great job, have a happy customer, then wait to be paid… then wait some more… and then more waiting… how can you start getting paid on time?

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How quicker quoting can help you win more work

27th August 2014

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