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YourTradeBase Co-Founder: Dean Taylor

Meet Dean Taylor...

Owner of The Loft Boys and co-founder of YourTradeBase.

It was 2010 and Dean Taylor's building business was growing steadily.

He was enjoying the freedom of being his own boss, he was delivering great work and his customers were happy.

But he wasn't looking forward to going home. His family were keen to see him, but he really didn't want to face the mountains of paperwork that were waiting for him when he got there.

Sorting his paperwork after a long day at work wasn't fun. In fact, it almost drove him to throw in the towel.

Spending hours calculating prices, writing out quotes from scratch, working out what he'd sent to customers and what invoices he needed to chase were all getting him down.

Dean knew that there had to be a better way of getting his paperwork sorted.

He shared his headaches with his cousin, Adam Austin - a web developer - and they agreed to start building a product that would better organise Dean and his paperwork.

The idea for YourTradeBase was started. The goal was simple:

  1. Be (very) easy to use.
  2. Make paperwork quick and easy to create.
  3. Keep track of what needs to be done.

Today, YourTradeBase has transformed Dean and his service business and enabled him to grow to a successful team of 10.

Dean saves hours and hours every week and his business now has an easy way to produce all the professional paperwork they need to keep their customer happy and their business organised.

"YourTradeBase does everything I needed when I was struggling to organise the paperwork for my jobs. As a tradesman, I know this app works because I use it myself every day."

The goal of YourTradeBase remains the same, but the ambition is now to help thousands more tradespeople transform their service businesses and be a smarter way to sort their paperwork.

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