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Why use our quote template software?

  • Specifically designed for trades people
  • Store quotes online and access them anytime, from any device
  • Save an average of 4 hours per week
  • Mark your quotes as won or lost
  • Turn quotes into jobs and invoices with the click of a button
  • Easily customise our template with your logo

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Free quote templates

Why use a template?

Using our online quote template software can save you time and effort on the layout and structure of your quotations. A template makes life easier because you're not creating a brand new document for each quote.

Also, your clients will thank you: A professional template is easier to read. (It makes you look more professional, too).

What should I include on my job quote?

Here are some basic things that you might include within your template:

  • Introduction to the work you're proposing.
  • Details of what work is included in your quote - and what's not included.
  • A price of the work you're quoting for. Including a breakdown of the costs allows your client to better understand the price.
  • A way of getting in touch with you (handy for when the client want's to say yes!).
  • How long the quote is valid for.
  • Any terms and conditions that apply.

Our software is designed specifically for trades, with easy to use sections for an introduction, adding materials and labour, adding additional notes, and including your terms and conditions.

More than just quoting software

Our software includes everything you need to run your trade business smoothly and efficiently:

Quotes – create and send professional quotes from anywhere, on any device. Once sent, clients can accept your quotes online or ask a question.

Job Management – Turn won quotes into jobs, which can then be scheduled, allowing you to create appointments as well as assigning tasks to staff and sending customers confirmation emails.

Invoices – Use your quotes to create invoices quickly and easily, or create invoices from scratch. Our software will help you chase invoices too, ensuring you stay on top of everything.

Our quote template makes creating and sending quotes quick and easy, allowing you to dedicate more time to grow your business.

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Neil Hoskin

"I'm saving 45 minutes on each quote thanks to YourTradebase"

– Neil Hoskin, Fence Connection.

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