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  • Send estimates in minutes

    Win more work by sending your customers professional estimates, quotes and proposals quickly, using our cleaners quoting software. Easily customise your quotes and chase up potential work.

    Learn more about creating cleaners quotes and estimates

  • Get paid faster

    Never miss another payment. Create and send an invoice for cleaning services in just a few clicks, chase outstanding payments and send reminders and receipts on the go.

    Learn more about creating cleaners invoices

  • Markup your materials and labour

    Calculate your material and labour costs and make sure your cleaning work hits profit. All your cleaning services are saved in our online cleaners quote app for faster pricing.

  • Schedule work and stay organised

    Plan your work calendar and never forget another task, appointment or survey using our dedicated app for cleaners. Your cleaning business stays organised, your customers stay happy.

  • Track tasks and get reminders

    Say goodbye to scraps of paper, scribbled notes and missed opportunities. Keep your cleaning data and notes together, invoice using our easy-to-use cleaners billing software, and get reminded of important tasks.

  • Access from anywhere

    Your customer and job data is with you on site, at home or on the road. Access our YourTradeBase cleaning service software from any smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.

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  • Mobile cleaners software

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Save hours with our easy cleaners software:

  • Chris Johnson saves 8 hours a month on his paperwork...

    "YourTradeBase has given me one place I can record all my current and previous jobs and contacts as well as allowing me to track any overdue payments or non confirmed quotations.

    YourTradeBase has reduced my paperwork time by up to 8 hours a month, has improved my service business cash flow, and reinforced my brand image."

    Chris Johnson Picture

    Chris Johnson, Chris Johnson Electrical, South London

  • Robert Homer saves 2 to 3 hours a week on quoting and invoicing...

    "I find the YourTradeBase software invaluable. I particularly love the dashboard that helps me stay on top of each customer and my paperwork, especially when I am brain dead after a hard days graft!"

    Robert Homer Picture

    Robert Homer, Fascia Installer, Hertfordshire

  • Neil Hoskin saves up to 45 minutes on each quote...

    "I am really pleased I started using YourTradeBase.

    I put in potential customers details before I do a site visit, and then enter the quote details whilst on-site. It saves all previous work, materials and prices so you don't waste time typing.

    There are loads of other plus points but I would be typing too much! I now save at least 30 to 45 mins on every quote."

    Neil Hoskin Picture

    Neil Hoskin, Fence Connection, Peterborough

  • Robert Tyrrell saves 2 days a month on paperwork...

    "I love using the YourTradeBase software.

    I can actually send an invoice from my iPad, phone or computer while I'm out and about, and my secretary (the wife) can do the same from the office (home), and all my contacts/quotes/invoices are stored remotely, which gives me added piece of mind in case my computer pack up working.

    Definitely recommended."

    Robert Tyrrell Picture

    Robert Tyrrell, Tyrrell's Plumbing Solutions, Warwickshire

  • Eileen Le Voi recommends YourTradeBase for easier paperwork...

    "A key issue for tradesmen is the time and effort spent producing quotes and invoices.

    Some even lose jobs because they can't find the time to follow up with a quotation.

    YourTradeBase makes tradesmen more efficient with their paperwork - at last, there's a fantastic app that makes a tradesman's life easier."

    Eileen Le Voi Picture

    Eileen Le Voi,, Cambridgeshire

  • Shaun Cowan found paperwork nirvana

    "Just signed up to @yourtradebase free online trial.

    First impression is AMAZING! This is paperwork nirvana for tradesmen...

    I really wish YourTradeBase was around to help me 20 years ago when I first started my business."

    Shaun Cowan Picture

    Shaun Cowan, Masterheat, Peterborough

Hand drawn laptop with coffee

Save hours with smart online cleaners invoicing software

For most cleaning businesses the worst part of the job is spending hours quoting for new work, scribbled notes you can't find, and mountains of client paperwork.

We built YourTradeBase to make that easier.

Whether you need to quote for a small one-off residential clean, or create ongoing cleaning quotes for business or commercial cleaning contracts, YourTradeBase helps you get that paperwork to your customer quicker and easier than ever before.

Each time you use YourTradeBase cleaning estimating software, it remembers customers, services, materials, labour and tasks. So the more you use it, the easier and quicker it gets to create your next invoice or estimate.

See what YourTradeBase can do to make your cleaners business easier - start with a free 14-day trial or contact us with any questions at

Easy online software helping cleaners:

  • Over £51,800,000 quotes won

  • Over £51,600,000 invoices paid

  • More than 60,400 jobs organised

  • More than 56,400 customers stored

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