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Tips For Keeping Your Paperwork Together

11th July 2012

Paperwork is the bane of any tradesman’s life. No one wants to do it, but everyone has to, and that’s why YourTradebase came into existence. YourTradebase does take care of all the paperwork on your end, but there are always going to be those stragglers that clients or merchant yards give you. So today we’re giving you some tips on keeping those bits of paperwork that you have to have, tidy.

Plastic sleeves

If you read our blog post on keeping your contacts list together you’ll know that one of our suggestions was to keep a plastic sleeve at the front of your van so you can chuck anything in. If not we’re sure you got the gist from the previous sentence, but it’ll just help you get into the habit of keeping the paperwork somewhere that will be safe when the windows are open.

A stapler is your best friend

Even if the documents don’t necessarily have to be together, over the course of a busy day you can just staple everything together, making it much less likely for you to loose that one sheet. Just chuck a stapler in the front of your van, it takes up no room, and it only takes a minute.


If you have the time and patience, scan those absolutely vital pieces in. It’s annoying and takes time, but at least you then know you have two copies, and just think, at least everything else is taken care of by YourTradebase!

Make Time

Like we have mentioned before in our ‘Tips for keeping your contact list together’, you can just set aside 10 minutes a week to put anything important into a folder. It doesn’t matter what order it’s in, as long as it’s in there. Have the folder in a place where you walk past every day even, so that when you do, you’ll remember that bit stuffed in your pocket that you have to chuck in.

Just follow these tips, and those bits of paperwork that other people insist on giving you throughout the day won’t get lost or take up any of your time. For everything else, use YourTradebase!

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Co-founder and CEO of Helping organise service businesses and their paperwork.

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