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GDPR, YourTradebase and You

4th April 2018

Have you heard about this GDPR thing? There’s a lot of GDPR talk going around, but what is it, how does it affect you, and what’s YourTradebase doing about it? Let’s find out… First things first: What’s a GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. That still doesn’t tell us very much, so let’s ask Wikipedia: […]

Include on invoice

What should you include on your trades invoice?

6th May 2017


We’ve helped our customers win £50,000,000 worth of quotes

23rd December 2016


Estimates vs. Quotes

8th November 2016

How to

How to Do Marketing for Service Businesses

20th June 2016

How to

How to Create a Business Plan for Service Business

23rd May 2016


Over £30,000,000 worth of quotes won with YourTradeBase

18th May 2016

YourTradebase blog image

Tax Guide for Service Businesses

9th May 2016

YourTradebase blog image

What should your terms and conditions include?

27th January 2016

How to

How To Turn Your Quotes Into Business

20th January 2016

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