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We’ve helped our customers win £50,000,000 worth of quotes

We’re proud and excited to announce that YourTradeBase has now helped our customers create, send and win more than £50,000,000 worth of quotations and estimates.

50,000,000. 50 million. 50 with 6 zeros. Yikes!

Estimates vs. Quotes

Should you be sending quotes or working out estimates? Providing a fixed quotation for the cost of work or estimating all the costs?
Estimates vs. Quotes – what’s the difference and which should you use…?

How to Do Marketing for Service Businesses

Find out how to build and optimise marketing strategy for your service business. In this guide you’ll find tips on both traditional and modern marketing.

How to Create a Business Plan for Service Business

Finding a good idea and gap in the market is just a beginning. Read this guide how to create good business plan for your service business.

Over £30,000,000 worth of quotes won with YourTradeBase

Tax Guide for Service Businesses

Understanding what taxes service businesses are liable to pay, and how you go about doing it, doesn’t have to be hard.

What should your terms and conditions include?

Terms and conditions are vital for a service business to protect themselves and their customers. Find out what your terms and conditions should include.

How To Turn Your Quotes Into Business

Learn what customers look for when choosing between different tradesmen or service businesses.

Want to win more work in 2016?

Whatever your business resolutions are for 2016, resolving to win more work and increase your leads could have a huge impact on your year.

How to Set Up Your Own Trade Business

Read this handy guide which will help you with the ultimate aim for many people working in the trades – setting up on your own.

How to Recruit Trades People

In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about recruiting staff.

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