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New & Improved: Manage Your Customers

29th March 2010

We’ve all had our hard hats on and paint brushes in hand lately, working away on building a new tab and giving YourTradeBase a fresh lick of paint.

All the hard work has finally paid off, and we’re pleased to announce our latest new feature – the Customers tab.

New Customers Tab in YourTradeBase

Manage Your Customers

Now you can easily search for your customers, look up their contact details, or see all the work you’ve carried out for a certain customer, all from the new customers tab in YourTradeBase.

The customers tab make it easy to browse and search for the customers you’ve entered when creating your estimates, quotes or invoices. You can also view your customers contact information in a snap by hovering your mouse over the contact details icon. It’s like an on-line address book just for your customers.

Clicking on one of your customers takes you to their profile page, where you can:

Set Important Reminders for your Customers

See for Yourself…

These changes are all up-and-running in YourTradeBase right now. Take a look and see how the customer tab might help you be more organised when dealing with customers. If you’ve already got an account, you can log in anytime you’re online by visiting If you haven’t yet got a trial account, it takes just a couple of minutes to create one from our registration screen (and you get 30-days for free at the moment, too).

We’ve got a lot more features in the pipeline for the customers section, but we’re happy with what we’ve built for you so far. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about these new features, especially if you feel we’ve missed something that would make your work that little bit easier.

Spring Cleaning

Although a little late for British springtime, we wanted to give YourTradeBase a bit of a tidy-up, so we decided to freshen up the main screens to make things clearer and simpler to use. You’ll now find that your dashboard, and estimate and invoice overview screens are a lot easier to browse, and a lot easier to update.

If there is a particular feature you’d like to see or think would improve YourTradeBase, please leave a comment here or in our forum.

About the author

Adam Austin is the CEO & Co-founder of - The easy way for service businesses to save hours on admin and paperwork.

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