Let Your Email Address Do The Marketing

By Adam Austin - 17th May 2010

A quick and easy way to look more professional as a tradesman in the eyes of your customers is to own your own domain name. In other words, when you give them a contact email address, instead of graham@btinternet.com or graham@yahoo.co.uk or graham@ntlworld.com, your email address includes your company name. So, if you trade as YTB Electrical, tell them to contact graham@ytbelectrical.co.uk.

This is not as complicated – or as expensive – as you may think. Registering a co.uk domain at somewhere like 123-Reg, for instance, costs £2.99 a year. For around £2.50 a month on top of that, you can also have companies like 123-Reg host a small web site and give you more email addresses than you probably know what to do with.

Being memorable is the name of the game

Creating a web site is not strictly necessary but even if you put up a small holding page with your company name, a list of the services you provide, and your contact details, you’ll probably be one step ahead of many of your local competitors in the building, plumbing, electrical, or any other trades.

And having more than one email address is going to impress. Ask customers to send initial enquiries to enquiries@ytbelectrical.co.uk, for instance and then reply with your more personal address (graham@ytbelectrical.co.uk). When it’s time to send an invoice, send it from accounts@ytbelectrical.co.uk. It all helps to make the customer feel they’re dealing with a professional business. All for about £33 per year.

Google is keen to help, too

The great thing about grabbing yourself a domain and creating a small landing page is that you can then start using the power of Google to drive local business your way. Next time, I’ll start showing you how to do just that.

About the author

Adam Austin is the CEO & Co-founder of YourTradeBase.com - The easy way for service businesses to save hours on admin and paperwork.

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