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Keeping On Top Of Your Tasks

31st July 2013

Tired of running round trying to keep on top of your Electricians’ Invoices and other paperwork?

We’ve tweaked our tasks system to work even better around you and your jobs.

In the new task system everything to do with your electricians’ invoices and other paperwork is automatic, so you don’t have to spend time creating tasks to remind yourself.

So for instance if you create a quote and save it as a draft, a task is then automatically generated to remind you that you have to send it to your customer. After you’ve sent a quote, a task is then generated to remind you to chase it up! Pretty easy right? So it’ll even help you win more work, by reminding you to chase up customers!

This new task system works for all areas of the paperwork side in YourTradebase. So it’ll remind you if one of your invoices hasn’t been paid (not that money is easily forgotten about!), if it hasn’t been sent, or if there is a estimate that hasn’t been followed up. We like to think it’s a friendly reminder that can help things run a bit more smoothly, and make sure that you never forget a thing!

All of these tasks are shown on your dashboard. So when you logs in, you can get an instant overview of jobs and paperwork that need your attention.

As well as this, we’ve also added the function to ‘remind later’ your tasks. So if you’ve logged on to YourTradebase to create new quotes, and not send invoices; this ‘remind later’ means you can set it to tomorrow, the next day, or next week.

Of course you can still create tasks for yourself. From reminding yourself to buy supplies, or call your plasterer to ask him about a job you have on. But by having this new task system automatically take care of your invoices, and other paperwork, it can help you save even more time, and stop running around trying to keep on top of your invoices!

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Co-founder and CEO of Helping organise service businesses and their paperwork.

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