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How Tradesmen Can Stand Out With Killer Quotations!

29th December 2009

When a customer calls on you to provide them with a quotation for the home improvement job they require, they are not only calling on you to obtain a price, but more importantly, for your expertise and knowledge in that particular field.  You visit their property, have a chat about their requirements and go off leaving them with the promise of a written quotation confirming, or specifying, the amount it will cost them if they use your service.  They will, as we all know, obtain multiple quotations for this one particular job, not always to get the best available price but also to establish who they would prefer to have a relationship with.

You may well of got on like a house on fire when walking around their place, chatting about the job, but remember you are only one of many tradesmen they will be dealing with in that day or week.  All you have done is got permission from these people to impress them once more with your quotation.

When I first started out I was finding securing jobs was hard, harder than I had ever imagined.  I could not work it out. I felt that I had built up a fantastic rapport with the client and always provided my best possible price (sometimes a little to low) but never heard back from them, or if I did it was always the old favorite ‘Thanks, but no Thanks’.

After a little experiment I nailed it.  I started to secure most of the work I was quoting for, in fact I was amazed at the difference.  I started to send out killer quotations and estimates containing full works descriptions, detailing every aspect of the job, even if it was a small job.  I started to use this next point of contact to my advantage, I was using it to re-confirm the knowledge and expertise I showed when surveying their job, something I feel not many of my competitors are doing.

I didn’t detail the works to the point of itemising every screw needed or the amount of floor boards the extension would take, but explained what would be done, why it would be done and how I intended on doing it.  With all the hype around about rogue tradesman at present, and rightly so, can you really afford to misjudge the use and power of a quotation or estimate.  Use this form of contact to your advantage. Stand out from the crowd!

Use YourTradeBase to kill off the competition!

YourTradeBase has been developed to make providing detailed descriptions in your quotations/estimates easy and non-time consuming.  It has been built to enable any one who carries out the same tasks frequently to save and re-use existing quotations and estimates as templates.  You will only need to create the ‘works descriptions’ once and then you can pull it out easily and edit it every time a similar job arises. Sorted!

Not only does YourTradeBase allow you to attach detailed descriptions but presents them in a professional standard, the same as your invoices and job sheets.  Visit the site to find out how! and if your interested use the code QBP60 for an additional 30 days free access, giving you 60 days free use instead of the standard 30 days!

About the author

Dean Taylor is a co-founder of YourTradeBase and a skilled tradesperson. Working in the trades all his life, he's grown his business by using the right tools for the job. He's why we built

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