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Hand Yourself To Customers

18th May 2010

Leaflet marketing seems to be the tradesman favourite method of gaining exposure where I live, and after a little browsing online the story seems to be repeated in many other towns.

Lets take a look at why this method proves a winner for many of our fellow tradesmen.

Leaflets are:


There are hundreds of decent printers about, all fighting for your business and this is obviously reflected within the costs you are now able to achieve for your print requirements.  Another great thing with print cost is that the more you purchase the more you save.  For example: Should you wish to purchase 10000 full colour single sided A5 leaflets you would pay around £200.  But, should you double up the quantity to 20000 you will find yourself only paying an additional £80, giving you quite a tasty saving.

Many of these printers are also able to cater for your design requirements and if they don’t directly deal with this they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Now you have got your design sorted and your printers to knock out the 20000 leaflets you need to decide what route you want to take to get them into your potential customers hands.  There are various paths you could take and below I have listed, what I feel to be, your  3 most practical choices.

  1. Inserted in your local rag. You should be able to get leaflets placed and delivered inside these local papers for approximately £25 – £45 per 1000 leaflets.  This is a good way to be certain that the leaflets will be distributed and land on potential customers doormats, but consider the fight for attention your marketing material will have when being picked up from the floor by these potential customers.
  2. Personal distribution. If your working on a budget and any expense could be better done without then you could walk the streets in your spare time and distribute your leaflets in your local areas.  Leaflet distribution is a very time consuming and mundane task.  Should this be your desired option then I suggested you treat your partner like god for a few days and then rope them into helping.  ( When I first started touting for work this was the method I had to take but I did pay off.  After spending my evenings dropping leaflets through doors for a couple of weeks I obtained a healthy workload that keep me going for quite some time)
  3. Distribution Companies. If you have a little bit left in your budget after getting your leaflets designed and printed then I would advise you take a look into contracting a leaflet distribution company to handle this exposure campaign.  Do a search online for local distribution companies and you I guarantee you will find one serving the streets where you live.  Most of these distribution companies will offer you two different services both with there own costs,  Solus distribution and shared distribution.  Solus distribution is when your leaflet will be the only material penetrating each household at that time.  This gives you an advantage as you are not in a contest for attention with any other business literature.  The cost of this does come at a premium though, with some companies charging upto £120 per 1000 leaflets.  If you do a bit of shopping about though you should be able to obtain this service for approximately £45 – £60 per 1000 leaflets.  Shared, or mixed distribution is a cheaper option of employing one of these distribution companies to do the leg work for you, with advertised prices stated as little as £20 per 1000, but again with this method your material will be fighting for attention as these shared deals can mean your leaflet being put through the letter box with up to 5-6 other businesses leaflets.  Most companies do state though that they will not distribute two of the same type of businesses together

Tracking your messages.

The same with most marketing, you should be experiment with the approach taken with your sales message and design.  Doing this will enable you to measure which message has the stronger pull.  This easiset way to measure response per message this is produce a reference code and have this printed near to your contact number, getting each and every caller to read out the code they have.  After a number of reference codes have been recorded you will start to see what message is producing the majority of your business.

About the author

Dean Taylor is a co-founder of YourTradeBase and a skilled tradesperson. Working in the trades all his life, he's grown his business by using the right tools for the job. He's why we built

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