4 Ways YourTradeBase Can Help You Organise Your Electricians’ Paperwork

By admin - 10th July 2013

Want 4 easy ways to organise your electricians’ paperwork?

Time and patience always seem to disappear when it comes to organising paperwork. You have to come home after a long day of work, only to find that you have a stack of paperwork to sift through and organise.

So how do you beat that pile of paperwork?

Here at YourTradeBase we’re dedicated to helping electricians spend less time on their paperwork, and more time doing what they want. So here are 4 ways that YourTradeBase can help you become more organised with your paperwork:

  1. It’s accessible from anywhere
    On site, sat in your van (obviously pulled over in a safe area) or chilling out on the sofa with a cup of tea (or cold one) at the end of a long day. You can access YourTradeBase from any computer, smartphone or tablet, meaning you can makes notes, update quotes and invoices, or just take down someone’s details from anywhere.
  2. All the quotes/invoices/estimates are bank templates
    You just need to drop in the information! You don’t need to make a fuss trying to get the spacing right, with our inline editing, you do it directly on to the piece of paperwork. Estimates, quotes and invoices all created in minutes!
  3. You can set yourself tasks
    So if you’re good at forgetting to remember to buy supplies, or give that customer a ring, you can set yourself a task so you’ll be reminded! Tasks are also automatically generated when you create paperwork. So, for instance if you create a quote, but don’t send it, a task will be generated to remind you to send it!
  4. Everything is all in one place
    There will be no more sifting through piles of invoices, or scraps of paper to remind yourself of the price you gave out for a quote. It’s all neatly organised for you, in one place.

So do you want to be more organised with your paperwork? You can start a 30 day FREE trial with us. There are no credit cards required, and no catches, just 30 days free to see if YourTradeBase can help you become more organised.

Or, just check out our tradesmen quote template for more on creating professional looking quotes and estimates. If you’re looking for electricians invoicing, there are templates here.

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