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A Tradesman's guide to paperwork Write winning quotes

So you've got past the first hurdle – getting the call from a customer to come size up the job. Now you've got a quote to write… whether you're old hat at writing these, or new to the game, they can be difficult and time consuming to do. So here are our top tips to write that winning quote!


It doesn't have to be fancy, but a logo can really help you stand out from the competition

Use proper software

You don't have buy expensive software, but using things like Word can really help speed up the process. Ask others to see what your fellow tradesmen are using

Use templates

Software like Word will often have templates there ready, and you can save your own, to help save time and looks more professional.

Four attributes of a winning quote:


Speed is your friend. Get your quote finished before your competitors do. It shows an effort and dedication to the job to your customers too for getting them the quote so quickly, so even if you can't fit them in straight away to do the work, you've already won them over.

Break it down

One way to gain trust and win work is to break everything down on your quote and even add short explanations if needs be. Customers will thank you for not treating them like an idiot and it makes the quote easy reading for them, another big bonus point for you!

Brag a little

Send out testimonials with your quote, or have it as a design element on there. It reinforces your credentials, and makes a great impression on your customers. If you're feeling particularly confident, you could also send along some photos of previous work.

Guarantee it

This is all about setting your customers' minds at ease, and helping your reputation as a quality and trustworthy business. As well as covering your own back, these give a good impression of your business, and can certainly help give you the edge over your competition too.

These are just a few suggestions to help you write winning quotes.
Remember: quotes are the image you give to your potential customers, and shows off the quality of work that you can provide for them.

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