Who uses YourTradeBase? Chris Johnson Electrical

13 January 2014

Here’s how Chris Johnson of Chris Johnson Electrical finds using YourTradebase:

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Chris Johnson Electrical

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Being an electrician I can be working on a large number of jobs at the same time, keeping track of all the paperwork was becoming a task in itself. Your Trade Base has given me one place I can record all my current and previous jobs and contacts as well as allowing me to track any overdue payments or non confirmed quotations. I can also access Your Trade Base whilst out on site from a mobile or tablet so invoicing for small jobs can be done there and then saving my precious evenings!

I’d estimate it has reduced my paperwork time by up to a day a month (8hrs)

Your Trade Base has improved my business cash flow as Overdue invoices are chased in a more timely manner and I’m made aware of any quotations that have not been accepted, allowing me to follow up with our potential customers.

Your trade Base has also reinforced my brand image giving me a consistent theme across all my correspondence with my customers. The paperwork generated also looks of a far higher quality than anything I could produce myself.



By Adam Austin

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