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Some People Just Don’t Think – Grrrrrrrrrr

3rd July 2012

Arrived on site early this morning all eager to crash out and complete what was left of this little job when I spotted another van parked where I had been parking the previous day at the rear of the property.  I didn’t really think to much about it and thought that one of the neighbours must be having some work done.  I walked into the property all ready to lay down the dust sheets and noticed that someone had already done so. Mmmm!  I proceeded through the house and entered the room which we had the day before started on the new floor when bam! There he was, glossing away at the doors and architrave.  This muppet of a customer had thought it a good idea to kill two birds with one stone and get some other work completed while we were there.  He couldn’t of, for a single moment, thought about the reality of having a decorator glossing his wood work while we were in there laying a floor!  So my early day turned into a long one and by the time we left the woodwork looked as though it had just gone through a Wayne Rooney transplant.

Rant Over!

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