Recent improvements, bug fixes and polish

22 June 2017

We’ve been busy here at Team YourTradebase, here’s the list to prove it:

April, May & June 2017…

💡 New! When you export your customers to a CSV file, we now include some useful, extra fields: total invoices paid and outstanding, total quotes sent, accepted, and declined. Because knowing this stuff can be helpful!

🔧 Fixed: Selecting customers and jobs when creating paperwork was become slow and painful. That’s the exact opposite of what we aim for (quick and fun!), so, we gave these areas a performance boost.

🔧 Fixed: Same as above, but if you’ve got lot’s of jobs for certain clients, these now displayer super-quick. Hurrah!

🔧 Fixed: We took one more speed-boost pill: Viewing your list of jobs now loads a little faster… there’s more work to come here though, so stay tuned!

💡 New! Your tasks and reminders are now ordered by date, so you can see the tasks you need to do next, er, next.

🔧 Fixed: When printing quotations and sending in the post using DL envelopes (that’s envelopes with a little window to show the address from the paperwork inside it), there was a bug causing misalignment for some addresses. That bugs been squashed.

💡 New! Got a possible job with an appointment coming up? Until recently it wasn’t easy to spot that you had an appointment, we’ve changed that so appointments now display within your schedule for possible jobs.

💡 New! Field staff can more easily subscribe to their calendar when on mobile devices. Before: quite difficult to subscribe. After: quite easy to subscribe.

🔧 Fixed: Fixed error with printing overdue stamps on invoices. Want an overdue stamp on your invoices? Click ‘Customise’ and the choice is there for you.


By Adam Austin

Co-founder of YourTradebase. One quick, easy app that frees you from paperwork and lets you get back to the job you love.

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