On the first day of Christmas YourTradebase gave to me… one extra da-ay a week!

19 December 2018

(Well, almost. 7.3 hours to be precise)

We’re nearly there people. The end is in sight. And as you get ready to down tools and get stuck into a bumper pack of mince pies, we just wanted to thank you all for being part of YourTradebase this year. Knowing we’re helping so many talented tradespeople do their thing is a really big deal to us. We reckon you’ve definitely made Santa’s nice list!

It’s been amazing to see so many new tradespeople join us in 2018. We’ve grown into a community of well over 1,000 hardworking people, showing their paperwork who’s boss.

We’ve added a whole load of new features, like handy notifications, better email messaging and seamless links to Xero accounts software. We’ve also upgraded the way our site looks, feels and works – and the support we give – to make life easier for you, every time you log on. Early in 2019 we’ll even be launching a brand new iPhone app. We’re pretty excited.

But the thing that’s made us happiest this year is the great feedback we’ve had from you. In our Happy Customers survey, you told us we’re saving you an average of 7.3 hours a week. That’s almost a whole extra day to get stuff done! Over 96% of you said you found YourTradebase easy to use and 93% said you’d recommend us. We really couldn’t ask for much more.

So, enjoy swapping your work boots for your reindeer slippers, reconnecting with your friends, family and sofa, and taking a few well-earned days off. Let’s be honest, you’ve earned them. And if you do decide you’d prefer a bit of invoicing to another evening with the in-laws, we’ll be here for you, manning our help desk right through Christmas and New Year.

🎄Happy Christmas everyone. See you on the other side. 🎄

By Dean Taylor

Back in 2010, Dean's building business was growing. He was doing great work, making people happy and enjoying being his own boss – but he was worn out. Not by the graft, but by the piles of paperwork taking up every evening. So, he got together with his cousin Adam, a web developer, and came up with a simple way to solve the problem – and help a whole load of other tradespeople too. They called it YourTradebase. Try it for yourself with a free 14 day trial. No strings. No credit card needed.

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