Key Things You Need To Know About Estimates

By admin - 3rd July 2013

Want a bit of a refresher on the key points of an estimate?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Here are the 4 key points you need to remember when putting together an estimate!

  1. It’s a guestimate of the price, usually based on years worth of knowledge and experience.
  2. It’s done before or during a site visit,¬†depending on what the job is. Obviously if it was for a conservatory, you wouldn’t give a price without actually going to the site.
  3. Make a distinction between an estimate and quotes to your customer: make sure that they know it’s an estimate and the price may change. If you’re unsure yourself of the difference, take a look at our guide.
  4. Often informal, might be given verbally, but a lot of customers like it in hand to compare it with your competitors, plus it makes you look professional which is always a bonus!

Want more help with your paperwork and job management? We’re always creating blogs and tips to help out tradesmen with their paperwork, so take a look at our blog and Twitter to keep up to date!


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