Guest Post – Keeping Your Van Safe

29 November 2013

Ever had a van broken into? Or is it a constant worry for you tradesmen out there?

Our guest post this week deals with tips and advice on how to keep your vans and tools safe.

Take it away Kes!

Van Security Tips

Common sense dictates that expensive tools, materials and other pieces of equipment should be removed from a van at night. However there are instances when workers are out at a job where they may have to stay in a hotel and it would not be appropriate to take large, dirty tool boxes and pieces of building equipment into the establishment. It may also be the case that workers are involved in work on a remote piece of property, such as a farm building, and even though they’re out in the daylight, the isolation could make their van prone to attack. What are the best measures that can be employed to improve the security of your van?


Extra Locks

In order to increase the security on your van it is possible to install extra locks on the exterior. These include the following:

Essential In-Van Storage

It’s not just the exterior of your van that can be made stronger. There are also a number of solutions available that are able to significantly increase the security of tools placed inside the vehicle. The most commonly used are as follows:

Park Sensibly

This may seem like an obvious point, but the best way to stop opportunist thieves from breaking into your van is by not giving them the right kind of cover to attack the vehicle. If you park your van on dark, out of the way, back streets, then it’s much easier for a robber to gain entrance to it without anyone raising any concerns. By parking on clearly lit, well used streets you are likely to deter any potential robbers from breaking into your van or stealing parts from it. If possible always park your van where you have a clear line of sight to it, as a simple shout is usually enough to get rid of anyone who’s taking too close a look at its security measures.

Finally – Save Money on your Insurance

Most workmen have the contents of their van insured alongside the van itself. By using recognised security measures to protect the contents of your van, such as deadlocks and vehicle storage boxes, van owners should be able to negotiate a much more attractive rate on your insurance premium.

Thanks Kes!

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