Finding It Hard To Handle Health And Safety Paperwork?

8 November 2013

This week’s guest blog post tell us why it’s so important for you to get to grips with your risk assessment paperwork.

Take it away Alex!

Getting bogged down with paperwork.

When it comes to managing paperwork, research shows most tradesmen have difficulty keeping track. In fact, the construction industry is the only industry with it’s own taxation scheme due to the poor administration of so many construction businesses.

It’s estimated that small businesses are now spending over £4,000 annually, or almost £350 a month on health and safety admin, and growing businesses can expect to pay up to £27,345 a year with compliance.


No wonder, then, that many construction business owners say they feel overwhelmed by their compliance responsibilities – if they know their responsibilities at all. A recent government survey, which found that over a third of SMEs think health and safety regulations are the biggest obstacle to growing their business.

That’s why the development of cloud based software such as YourTradebase and HANDS HQ have been so beneficial to the industry, and offer huge savings in time and money to small businesses. Where YourTradebase is solving invoicing, HANDS HQ is making creating risk assessments and method statements a piece of cake.

HANDS HQ offers a way for tradesmen to slash the administration costs of health and safety and drive money back into their pockets. It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to writing risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) documents.

Instead of messing with Word templates that can take hours to edit or hiring consultants, tradesmen can simply put their information into HANDS HQ’s unique online system and create professional-looking documents tailored to the project at hand in minutes. HANDS HQ’s health and safety experts have created a library of activities and control measures that make finding risk reduction solutions quick and easy.

In an industry where margins are already thin, tradesmen are always on the lookout for new ways to cut costs. When it comes to saving money on admin, YourTradebase and HANDS HQ have some creative, cost-effective solutions that allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

By Alex Green, CEO of HANDS HQ, an online tool for creating construction risk assessments and method statements in minutes.

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YourTradebase offers easy-to-use tradesmen software for tradespeople who want an easy way to sort their paperwork.

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