What You Should And Need To Include In Your Builders Invoices.

By admin - 17th May 2013

Still a bit unsure on what you SHOULD and NEED to include on your builders invoices?

Paperwork is stressful at the best of times, so we’ve put together a simple list so you to know exactly what you NEED to include, and what you SHOULD include, so you never have to wonder again!

Here is what you SHOULD include –

  • Presentation – Gone are the days where a hand written invoice is the norm. customers appreciate a well presented piece of paperwork, and it gives a great impression of your company (along with the good work of course). You can easily set up a template in Word to help you save a bit of time doing this, or of course signing up to YourTradeBase for a 30 day free trial!
  • Logo – It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you’d be surprised at how much of an impression this makes on your customers.
  • A company email address – They’re easy to set up, it gives one contact point for your customers to email, and you look professional – all from a free email account!
  • Due date of payment – It shows you mean business, and you run your company like one too. So make sure you clearly set out a proper payment schedule to each and every one of your customers (even if it’s a standard one you blanket use for all of them).
  • Your payment details – Not only does this speed up the process of payment for you, but again gives the impression of a well oiled machine that is your business.


Here are a list of what you MUST include if you’re VAT registered…


  • The amount of VAT on each line of the invoice and the VAT rate charge
  • OR
  • The total amount of VAT on the invoice and the rate of VAT applied to all items
  • Your VAT number
  • If you’re a limited registered company you MUST include your company name
  • The time of supply (also known as tax point) if this is different from the invoice date


And here is just one last tip for you – stick the 5 MUST include rules for your invoices on a post-it note, and put it somewhere on your desk. So the next time your invoicing for a garden wall, or a conservatory to can easily whip it out and know exactly what you need to include!

Check out our online software for builders that helps make this easy! Or better still, grab one of our builders invoice template to get you started

If you have any suggestions of topics you’d like to see in our blog email emma@yourtradebase.com, alternatively keep up to date with what we’re doing on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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