All New: Notifications

21 February 2018

When something important happens in YourTradebase, it’s important you know about it.

We already send you an email to let you know, but not all emails are read, and that could mean things are missed.

We had to do better when important things needed your attention.

So today we’re pleased to announce notifications:

What we’ll notify you about

Whenever something important happens, like:

How we’ll notify you

New notifications will show up in your notifications menu, which you can access anytime from the main navigation – just click on the bell to open your notifications.

You’ll know if there’s a new notification for you – the bell in your main navigation will show a red dot.

Once open, you’ll see a list of any new unread notifications you have, as well as a list of some recently read notifications. Clicking on any notification will show you the full details about it.


You’ll still get an email telling you about these important things, too.

Reading notifications

When you click on a notification to see the full details, we’ll mark it as read for you.

We’ll also mark a notification as read if you open the email we send you.

Lastly, you can mark all your notifications as read by selecting ‘Clear all’ at the top of the notifications menu.

See all your notifications

Want to see a previous notification you’ve received? Just click ‘See all notifications’ at the bottom of the notifications menu. We’ll show you all the notifications you’ve ever received.

You’ll see your notifications when you next sign in to YourTradebase. We’re sure you’ll find them helpful 👍

By Adam Austin

Co-founder of YourTradebase. One quick, easy app that frees you from paperwork and lets you get back to the job you love.

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