A Tradesman’s refresher to PVC

21 August 2013

Do you know that you should recommend PVC but a bit fuzzy on the details why?

Well our guest blogger this week has you covered with a quick refresher, by telling us exactly what we should be recommending and why, so it should even help you win some more work!

Why recommend PVC?

PVC saves money:

Nowadays people are not only looking for quality tradesmen, but also quality products that do what’s expected of them. PVC products are exactly that, quality products that not only do the job they save your customers money in the long run. They help not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also help them save money on their heating bill. A win, win for them!

So what exactly is PVC then?

PVC is a plastic that is extremely popular and widely used in construction, due to it being a lot more effective than coppers and irons. It’s used for many jobs such as pipes, flooring and double glazing units and is highly recommended for its sustainability and its impact on the environment.

The benefits to tradesmen and the customers.

Firstly PVC saves money.  As a material it is very competitive in terms of price, this value is also enhanced by the properties it contains, such as its durability, lifespan and low maintenance. PVC can last for more than 40 years due to its durability in all weathers. How many tradesmen can offer a 40 year guarantee?

Next is the safety, PVC is extremely strong and is used for doors and windows, making it extremely hard for any burglars to access through these points. So this will be a definite selling point for your potential customers, knowing that their valuables are safe and sound.

PVC is also non-toxic, and a socially valuable resource that has been used for more than half a century. It’s is also the world’s most researched and thoroughly tested plastic. It meets all international standards for safety and health, something that should be explained to customers.

Now the bit you have been waiting for, lowering energy costs.

Energy lost


The image above illustrates were heat is lost through-out the house.

As you can see 26% of heat is lost through the windows but you can prevent this using uPVC. Customers can save on average around £170 on bills, by decreasing the heat lost through windows and also preventing cold draughts coming in through cracks in the window frames. Use these statistics to help with demonstrate just how big a benefit that these can bring to your customers.

If the uPVC is installed correctly your customers will be-

And what customer can say no to a saving of £170 on their bills?

Finally reducing the carbon footprint with uPVC is another advantage, and gives you peace of mind as you know you and your customers are doing your bit for the environment.

Energy chart

Above is an illustration of the U.K standard on energy savings.

A window rated between A-C is the national average, anything below this could potentially mean you are selling your customers potentially illegal materials that not only dent their wallets in the future but put your reputation as a tradesmen at risk also. So always double check!

Hopefully the information in this has helped you understand PVC and uPVC a little bit better. But also gain a better understanding as to why PVC is the popular choice for many tradesmen and how it will benefit the customers in the long run.

This blog was written by Jonathan Griffiths


Thanks Jonathan! Want to get your own guest blog up on here? Email emma@yourtradebase.com and get your hints and tips up on here!

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