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An example of a builders quote

30th May 2014

Wondering how your quoting and estimating would look if you created them in YourTradebase? Wonder no more! Here’s a few variations of how you could display your quotations and estimates.

There are lot’s of options for customising building quotes and estimates, but here we’ve outlined a few examples of some of the most common ways of displaying your total works price, individual works items and breakdowns of materials and labour.

If you’re looking for quote templates, then you’ll find some free quote templates here.

You’ll find PDF links to download at the end of this post, too.

We hope you find these samples useful!

Try online quote templates

Example builders quote with materials and labour totals:

Display a detailed description for each of your works items, along with a total price for the materials and labour aspect of your quote.

builders-quote-example-1 builders-quote-example-2

Sample builders estimate with material and labour breakdowns:

Show a full breakdown of all materials and labour required to complete the estimated work. Including some optional works items for your customers to consider.

sample-builders-estimate-1 sample-builders-estimate-2

A sample summary sheet for a builders quote:

Want to display a summary of your quote? Cost and markup the building materials and sub-contractor labour you require, but just display a total quotation price for your customer.


Download these example builders quotes as PDF

When you create a quote in YourTradebase, you can download it as a PDF document or email as a PDF directly to your customer. Here are the above examples in PDF format for you to download and browse through.

  1. better-builders-red-quote-example.pdf
  2. better-builders-green-quote-example.pdf
  3. better-builders-blue-quote-example.pdf

Try online quote templates

Customise your own builders quote

These are just a few examples of how your estimates and quotes might look. You’re able to customise your paperwork however you like within YourTradebase, including:

Need to display your prices or estimate descriptions differently? Chances are, YourTradebase can be customised the way you need it – feel free to drop us a line and ask if you need something else…



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