We’ve helped our customers win £50,000,000 worth of quotes

By Adam Austin - 23rd December 2016


We’re proud and excited to announce that YourTradeBase has now helped our customers create, send and win more than £50,000,000 worth of quotations and estimates.


50 million.

50 with 6 zeros.


When we started building YourTradeBase we had a simple goal: help people who run trade and service businesses tame their paperwork and run more efficiently.

We knew YourTradeBase could help with that. What we didn’t expect was how much that help would be worth for our customers.

To our customers: Thank you. We hope you continue winning more work in 2017 and beyond, and that we can continue to be a part of your success.

About the author

Adam Austin is the CEO & Co-founder of YourTradeBase.com - The easy way for service businesses to save hours on admin and paperwork.

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