5 Tips For Landing Landlords As New Customers

17 July 2013

You’ve potentially tapped a whole new client sector with local landlords in your area, but how do they differ?

You might be an electrician, builder, or odd jobs person who is wanting to open up your client base with clients who will want to use you on a regular basis. But how do you go about getting a landlord or property developer onside?

Our guest blogger this week has 5 tips that will help you do exactly that.

What do landlords want from tradesmen?

Are you a tradesman looking to expand your client base? If so consider appealing to landlords and property developers as potential customers…

When landlords need a tradesman for one of their rental properties it is usually because something has gone wrong, if the person they choose can ease the logistics of fitting round the tenants and completes the job to a high standard it’s likely that landlord could become a regular client!

The majority of landlords and property developers want to build up a relationship with someone they can trust and call on for both odd jobs and more serious work they may not be qualified to carry out themselves. Here are our top 5 tips on how to attract landlords and find out what they are looking for in a tradesman:

  1. Word of mouth.
    Most landlords are going to want to use a tradesman that a family member, friend or colleague has recommended as they will trust their judgement. Make sure you give out business cards and connect with your clients on sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter to encourage recommendations of your work.


  1. Do you belong to any of the following: Tradesmen Directories, Rated People, Trust a Trader, Top Workmen?
    If not seriously consider them as they allow potential customers looking for tradesmen to choose based on client reviews. Tradesmen should be able to provide information on how long they have been in business and give examples of their previous work. Reviews are so important, so make sure you chase up your existing clients to give you a glowing review!


  1. Become a member of an accredited body.
    For peace of mind potential clients want to know if you are an accredited tradesman. Do you belong governing bodies such as:
    Electricians Governing Bodies: NICEIC Registered, ELECSA Registered, Electricians Contractors Association, British Standards Institute, BRE Certification and NAPITGas Installers Governing Body: Legally anyone who deals with Gas must be registered with the Gas Safe RegisterDouble Glazing Installers Governing Body: FENSAPlumbers Governing Body: CIPHE, Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme

    Small Businesses: Federation of Small Businesses

    If you do then make sure you tell your clients and put it on your business cards! If not seriously think about joining.


  1. Landlords won’t give you the job before receiving a quote.
    Arrange a time with the landlord or tenant to visit the property and view the job. Discuss what needs to be done and quote appropriately. If you are matching a quote the landlord has been given by someone else make sure to get written proof. Don’t forget to provide a written confirmation of your quote; it will help you appear professional.


  1. Do your landlords have the option to make payments online via services such Paypal?
    Always remember to discuss and agree a payment plan before the job begins. Taking an initial 50% payment followed by 50% on completion is standard practice, this way both you and the landlord are protected.

These are all key points which will help you build good working relationships with potential landlord clients. Keep in mind that a competent, reliable, flexible tradesman willing to deal directly with tenants will be a highly valuable asset to all landlords.

The majority of landlords know other landlords so expect word of mouth recommendations if you go the extra mile!

Written by Sarah Male. www.urbansalesandlettings.co.uk online estate agents, selling and letting houses online in the UK.


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