Over £30,000,000 worth of quotes won with YourTradeBase

By Adam Austin - 18th May 2016

YourTradeBase was built with a simple vision: To make paperwork easier for trades people.

By building an easy-to-use tool to reduce admin headaches, we were sure we’d be able to help trades save time and win more work.

So we’re delighted to announce a milestone that we’re all very proud of…

Over £30 million worth of quotes and estimates have now been sent – and won – using YourTradeBase.

We’re working hard to make YTB even better – and we’re confident we can help businesses win lots more work in the process!

Here’s YourTradeBase by-the-numbers:



We want to say a huge thanks to our customers – and we can’t wait to help you win the next £30,000,000 worth of work 😀

– The Team at YourTradeBase

About the author

Adam Austin is the CEO & Co-founder of YourTradeBase.com - The easy way for service businesses to save hours on admin and paperwork.

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