10 tips for tradespeople to make a good impression and win more work

19 March 2014

You’ve done the hard part; you’ve got the call and been asked round to give a tradesman’s quote.

But now you’ve got to make a good impression when you go round to size up the job.

After years in the business, this still doesn’t get any easier but I’ve developed a crucial 10 point list that I adhere to:

  1. Always turn up on time – no excuses!
  2. Arrive to the job in the right type of vehicle – it doesn’t look good to turn up in your wife’s range rover (or an old banger that looks as though it’s about to die)
  3. In the early day’s I’d always make sure I looked like I had been working – it’s something I still do now. Branded polo shirts and jumpers are an investment, but I think do wonders.  Stick that pencil behind your ear for the finishing touch.
  4. Discuss exact requirements before looking at the job – ensure you fully understand what the customer is trying to achieve. This helps both of you and stops you wasting any time.
  5. Interact with the kids, pets etc – always seems to create a more relaxed mood and shows the customer that you’ll be fine with them whilst working on site.
  6. After sizing up – sit down with them and run through every aspect of the job you will be quoting.  Shows you understand their request and makes sure nothing has been missed.
  7. Leave them with some information.  Whether this is product info, company info, diagrams or whatever may be relevant. It helps keep you in mind, and looks professional – two big bonus points.
  8. Submit the quotation promptly but not rushed.  Provide as much detail as possible – shows you’re efficient and know your game.
  9. Always take a surveyors check sheet – helps you to not forget certain measurements, prompts possible questions plus it give you a professional look.
  10. Take notes, loads of notes…..

This is just some rules that I find are helpful when winning round new customers – have you got anymore?


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