Assigning work to field staff

Assigning work to field staff allows them to view their schedules and job sheets

How to assign work to your Field Staff

  1. Select the job that needs to be scheduled.
  2. Click the ‘Schedule work for this job‘ button
  3. Select one or more team members from the ‘Assigned to‘ section
  4. Each field staff you select will then be assigned to that job.


Assigning work allows the team member to view their schedule and view the relevant job sheet.

Field staff won’t be able to see any job pricing or any costs, quotes or invoices.

What do field staff see?

Field staff can only view job sheets for the work you’ve assigned to them. They can also view a calendar of all their scheduled work and appointments – see: What can field staff see? for more details

Need to add field staff to your company account?

You can invite new field staff to your team from your team directory – see: Adding new team members for more details.

Last updated: 21st March 2017

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