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Template email messages

You can set your own default email messages in YourTradeBase.

Any default email message you set will then automatically be used when you send that email to a customer.

Change your default email message

Here’s how you can setup your default email messages.

  1. Go to Settings (the cog at the top-right of the screen) > Email templates
  2. Choose which email message you want to update
  3. Enter the text you want to display in your message. Hint: see below for using dynamic ‘tags’
  4. When you’re done, click ‘Save Settings

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 15.58.42

The next time you send that email, you’ll see it’s using the email message you set.

Using ‘Tags’ in email messages

Tags allow you to set paperwork specific text within your email messages.

For example, if I’m sending an invoice, I might want to use the customer’s name in my email. By using the customer ‘tag’, YourTradeBase will automatically put the relevant customer’s name into my email.

Here’s how to use ‘Tags’

  1. Go to Settings (the cog at the top-right of the screen) > Email templates
  2. The email message you’re editing will list the ‘tags’ you can use underneath the input
  3. Enter your chosen ‘tag’ exactly as it’s written (e.g. with the {{ and }} characters) where you want that piece of information displayed in the text
  4. Click Save Settings

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 15.58.01

Last updated: 2nd November 2014

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