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Changing Currencies and Timezones

Changing currency

To change to a different currency in YourTradeBase:

  1. Go to settings (The cog at the top-right of the screen)
  2. Under ‘Your currency’ select the currency you would like to use
  3. Click ‘Save Settings’

And you’re all set!

Now wherever prices appear for your paperwork or jobs in YourTradeBase, the currency symbol you selected will be used.

Available currencies

You can currently use the following currencies in YourTradeBase:

  • Great British Pounds – GBP – £
  • US Dollars – USD – $
  • Euros – EUR – €
  • Australian Dollars – AUS – $
  • Canadian Dollars – CAD – C$
  • South African Rand – ZAR – R
  • Swedish Krona – SEK – kr

Currency missing?

If you need to use a currency that isn’t listed here, please send us an email to support@yourtradebase.com and let us know.

Changing your timezone

To change to a different timezone for your paperwork dates and activity history:

  1. Go to settings (The cog at the top-right of the screen)
  2. Under ‘Your timezone’ select your relevant timezone
  3. Click ‘Save Settings’

All done 🙂


Last updated: 2nd November 2014

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