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Changing and adding tax rates

Add different tax rates to YourTradeBase for use when quoting and invoicing.

If you need to charge sales tax or VAT at different rates for different locations or services, you can add multiple tax rates to your account.

Changing and adding new tax rates

1. Visit the ‘Business settings’ section within your settings (click the cogs at the top-right of your screen).

2. Change the rate displayed in the ‘Tax Rate’ box.

3. To add another rate, just click the ‘+ Add another tax rate’ link and enter the rate you need.

4. When you’re done, save your tax rates by clicking ‘Save Settings’.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 09.16.56

You can add as many tax rates as you need.

Saved tax rates will be available to select when pricing your paperwork.

Removing a tax rate

You can easily remove a tax rate by selecting ‘remove’ – click ‘Save settings’ button to save your change.


Last updated: 10th April 2015

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