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Print, download and send quotes

Once you’ve created your quote, you have several options for presenting it to your customer:

Sending your quote via email

You can send your quote to one or more customer email addresses.

  1. Select the quote you want to email (from the ‘quotes’ menu)
  2. Click the ‘Send quote‘ button



This will open the email quote window.


  1. Enter your customers email address.

If you have already added a customer email address, this will be automatically filled in.

If there are additional email addresses you’d like to send to, start typing the address and if you’ve already sent to that address in the past, you will be able to select it from the drop down list that appears.

Any new customer email addresses you enter will automatically be saved to your customer to easily re-use in the future.

You can add as many email address as you like.

  1. Change the subject of the email if required.
  2. The quote will automatically be attached as a PDF for your customer.
  3. Change the email message if required. More: Setup default email messages
  4. When you’re ready to send, click ‘Send this email

The quote will automatically be marked as sent once you send the email and a copy will be emailed to your email address.

A record of when you sent the quote – and to which addresses – will be displayed under your quote ‘Activity‘, along the right-hand side of your quote.


Re-sending your quote: You can also choose the ‘email‘ button above your quote at any time to email or re-send your invoice.

More: What happens if my email doesn’t get delivered?

Downloading your quote to PDF

You can choose to download a copy of your quote to a PDF on your computer, to print, email or save for your reference.

Here’s how to download your quote to PDF:

  1. Select the quote you want to download (from the ‘quotes’ menu)
  2. Click the ‘PDF‘ button


  1. Your PDF download will start automatically. Some browsers may open the PDF file in a new tab, allowing you to choose to print or download the PDF when you hover over it in the browser.

Printing your quote

Here’s how to to print a copy of your quote directly from your browser:

  1. Select the quote you want to print (from the ‘quotes’ menu)
  2. Click the ‘print‘ button


  1. Your browsers’ print dialog will be triggered, select any print options you require and click ‘print


  1. Your quote will start printing and you will be taken back to the quote screen


Last updated: 3rd November 2014

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