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Link to your quotes online

Allow your customers to view, leave comments, and accept your quotes – online.

You can choose to include an online link when you email your quote. Here’s what your customer sees when they view their quote online:

All comments and messages displayed and saved in one place
Customer view your quote in their browser. How to change your quote layout
Customers can ask questions or accept your quote. Learn more
Customers can download or print your quote

Preview what your customer sees

Want to see what your customer sees when they view your quote online?

View a preview of your online quote:

  1. Click the ‘More options’ button (top-right: quote-more-options-button)
  2. Select the ‘Preview as customer’ option

You can change your quote layout, and which information to display. Find out more about customising your quote display.

How to send a link to your online quote

Sending a link to your online quote is easy:

  1. Click the ‘Email’ or ‘Send Quotation’ button to open a new email message
  2. Check the ‘Include a link for customer to view this quote online’ option
  3. Send the email!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 20.08.10

Your customer will receive your email message, a PDF attachment of your quote and a link to view your quote online.

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Last updated: 27th July 2015

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