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Placing a job on hold

If you’ve got a job that is delayed, place it on hold and come back to it later.

How do I place a job on hold?

You can place any job on hold, as long as it hasn’t been marked as completed, lost or cancelled.

To place a job on hold, just visit the job in question and select ‘Place job on hold‘ from the Actions menu.

You can view all jobs that are on hold from the ‘Jobs’ section – change the filter to ‘Held’ jobs and they’ll be listed for you to review.

Set a reminder for a held job

When you place a job on hold, we’ll ask you if you’d like to create a task for that job.

This task acts as a reminder for yourself to follow-up on that job.

For example, you might want to set a reminder in 60 days time to phone the customer to see if work can progress, or remind yourself in 30 days time to schedule the work.

You can set any task you like, assign it to anyone on your team, with any due date you choose.


Last updated: 29th March 2017

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