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Sending payment reminders

If you have an invoice that’s overdue payment, YourTradeBase makes it easy to email a polite payment reminder to your customer.

Payment reminders can be sent for any overdue invoices. An overdue invoice is one that:

  1. Has been marked as sent
  2. The invoice due date is in the past

Sending payment reminders

To send a payment reminder for an overdue invoice:

  1. View the invoice that’s overdue (search for the invoice by reference number or select ‘invoices‘ in the main menu and then filter by ‘overdue invoices‘ to find your invoice)
  2. Click the blue ‘Payment reminder‘ button on the right-hand side


  1. This will display the payment reminder email window. Enter:
    • Customer email address – if you’ve already emailed the customer, this address will be already be present here. Add (or change) the email addresses you want to send this payment reminder to.
    • Subject – update the subject as required (optional).
    • Message – update the message as required (optional).
    • Attachments – the overdue invoice is automatically attached to the email.


  1. Click ‘Send reminder‘ when you’re ready

The payment reminder will be sent to your customer, and the invoice activity will be updated to note this payment reminder was sent.

You can send as many payment reminders for each invoice as you require.

Customising payment reminder messages

Here’s how to change the email message that gets sent with each of your payment reminders:

  1. Visit Settings and click ‘Template emails‘ from the left-hand menu
  2. Find ‘Default message text for invoice payment reminders‘ under the ‘Invoice emails’ headers
  3. Update the Email message (Hint: you can use dynamic tags to enter your customer name, amount overdue, payment due date etc – learn more about using tags in email templates)
  4. When you are done, click ‘Save settings


Each payment reminder that you send from now on will use this message template.


Last updated: 5th November 2014

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