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Formatting text in paperwork

Add bold, italic and list items to your paperwork

Text formatting guide

italic = *italic*

bold = **bold**

bold + italic = ***bold and italic***

  • list item 1 = * list item 1
  • list item 2 = * list item 2
  1. numbered list item 1 = 1. numbered list item 1
  2. numbered list item 2 = 2. numbered list item 2

How to add text formatting

To add formatting to your paperwork items and descriptions, add the following styles to your text:


italic text – surround the text you want to show as italic in 1 asterisk (*).

For example:

This is *italic* text

will display as:

This is italic text


bold text – surround the text you want to show as bold in 2 asterisks (*).

For example:

This is **bold** text

will display as:

This is bold text


list items – Create lists by entering an asterisk (*) before your item.

For example:

* this is a list itemw

will display as:

  • this is a list item

Where can you use text formatting?

You can format certain text for display on your paperwork. The following fields accept formatted text:

  • Quote introduction
  • Quote and invoice item descriptions
  • Quote and invoice notes

Last updated: 11th April 2016

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