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Creating receipts and tracking payments

YourTradeBase allows you to add and track part and full-payments for your invoices, show outstanding balances and send receipts for payments.

You can also show part-payments received on your invoice along with the outstanding balance.

Adding and logging payments (or part-payments) for invoices

Here’s how to log a  for a payment received:

  1. Create your invoice as usual.
  2. View your invoice (search by reference number or browse the invoices section)
  3. Mark the invoice as sent (payments can only be added to sent invoices)
  4. Click ‘Add payment’ (the green button on the right-hand side)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 09.11.46

  1. Enter the payment amount you received. You can also enter a date the payment was received and any notes you require.


  1. The payment you added will then be displayed under the payments section. If the payment was only a part-payment, then the total outstanding balance will be adjusted accordingly.

See below for creating a receipt for this payment.

Creating receipts for payments received

Receipts can be generated for any payments you log for an invoice:

  1. View your invoice (search by reference number or browse the invoices section)
  2. Payments you have logged are displayed on the right-hand side. Click the ‘Send a receipt‘ link for the payment.
  3. This will display your receipt. You can print your receipt, download it as a PDF, or email it to your customer.


The receipt will display the payment amount and the balance remaining.

If you email your receipt to your customer, that activity will be tracked for your receipt on the right-hand side against that receipt.

Showing part-payments on your invoices

If you’ve received a part-payment or deposit for an invoice, you can display the payment and outstanding balance on your invoices.

Here’s how to show part payments on invoices:

  1. Create your invoice as usual
  2. View your invoice (search by reference number or browse the invoices section) and ensure it is marked as sent.
  3. Add a payment to your invoice (see above)
  4. Your payment should display on your invoice as default. If it’s not showing, click the ‘Invoice Display’ button and select ’show payments received’.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 09.21.21

The payments received to date and the outstanding balance for the invoice will then be displayed with your invoice total.

Last updated: 2nd November 2014

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