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Converting quotes to invoices

Quotes and estimates can be converted to invoices with a few quick clicks.

Converting your quote or estimate into an invoice allows you to quickly pull in all the data and pricing into your invoice.

Here’s how to convert a quote or estimate into an invoice

  1. Your quote must be marked as either sent or accepted to convert it
  2. Click the ‘More options’ button (quote-more-options-button) and select ‘Convert to Invoice‘ convert-to-invoice-option
  3. A popup window opens with 2 options – select which option you prefer:
    1. Select which quote items you want to invoice for – OR –
    2. Select which percentage of the quote total you want to invoice for,convert-to-invoice-popup
  4. You will then be asked what job this invoice is for. Either select the job from the list, or enter a title for the job. (Hint: The title just allows you to identify the job in YourTradeBase) Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 14.51.13
  5. You will now see your invoice automatically filled in with the details from your quote. Change any details you need, or alter any pricing, then click ‘Create this invoice‘ when you’re ready…create-this-invoice

Your invoice is now ready to email, print or download for your customer.

Any changes you make to your invoice will not be updated on your quote.

Send your invoice to start tracking payments and creating receipts.

Last updated: 27th July 2015

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