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Changing how your invoices look

Choose which information to display and change the colours and formatting for your invoices.

N.B. Any updates you make to your invoices display will automatically apply to future invoices you create.

To update the display of your invoices, view the invoice you want to update and click the “Invoice Display” button. This will open up a menu of display options:


You can update the following options – available by selecting a section from the left:

General options

  • Colour scheme (apply colour to your invoice to match your company branding.)
  • Show invoice notes
  • Show invoice totals
  • Show breakdown of tax
  • Show payments received (do you want to show customer payments on the invoice?)
  • Show remaining job balance (do you want to show your customers how much is remaining to pay for the job you’re invoicing?)
  • Show overdue stamp (if payment is overdue, should we display an ‘overdue’ notice on the invoice?)

Header options

  • Show company name
  • Show company contact labels (do you want to display ‘tel’, ’email’, etc labels to your contact information?)
  • Show invoice reference #
  • Show job ‘for’ address
  • Show due date
  • Show notes in header (do you want any notes to appear at the top of the invoice?)

Items options

  • Description font size (what size do you want your text to be for item descriptions?)
  • Show item descriptions
  • Descriptions on separate page (do you want a summary of all items on the first page, with detailed descriptions to follow on separate page?)
  • One item per page
  • Show item prices
  • Show tax for each item
  • Show material prices
  • Show breakdown of materials
  • Show material quantities
  • Show labour prices
  • Show breakdown of labour
  • Show labour quantities

More information on displaying materials and labour can be found here: Removing materials and labour from invoices

Footer options

  • Show terms on separate page
  • Show page numbers
  • Show accreditation logos
  • Upload accreditation logos (add new trade association and accreditation logos to your paperwork footer)

Display options are auto-saved

Each time you make a change to a display option for n invoice, the setting is automatically saved and applied to the next invoice you create.

So, once you’ve set a template for how you want invoices to look, every invoice you create will automatically have the same look.

Last updated: 26th May 2015

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