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Calculate CIS for your invoices

Here’s how to deduct Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payments from your invoices with YourTradeBase.

Turn CIS on and set a default rate

In order to deduct CIS from your invoices, you need to turn CIS on and set the relevant rate.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit Settings and select the Invoice settings options
  2. Under the ‘Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)’ header, choose to turn on CIS…
    • If you’re a sub-contractor who is deducted CIS at 20%, select ‘Yes – deduct CIS from invoices at 20% rate
    • If you’re a sub-contractor who is deducted CIS at 30%, select ‘Yes – deduct CIS from invoices at 30% rate
    • More information on which rate might apply to you can be found on the gov.uk website here
  3. Click ‘Save settings


CIS is now turned on and will be available to deduct from your invoices at your selected rate.

Deduct CIS from invoices

Once CIS has been turned on, CIS will be deducted from the labour you add to invoices at the rate you selected.

Learn more about adding labour to your invoices.

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You can change the rate of CIS to 0%, 20%, or 30% for each invoice you create.

If you choose a 20 or 30% CIS rate, that deduction will be displayed on your invoice when you download, print or email it.

Don’t deduct CIS from some invoices

If you are creating invoices that don’t require CIS to be deducted (perhaps for your own private customers rather than contractors), you can turn CIS to 0% and no deduction will be made.

When you save your invoice, a CIS won’t be shown in the totals breakdown if it is set to 0%.


Last updated: 9th November 2014

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