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Guide #4

Our top 5 Tips: Turn potential customers into paid clients

You've got the call to give a quote, but what else can you do to bag that job?

1. Don't pester

7 days is a good cooling off period for customers to have a think, then just give them a quick phone call.

2. Don't pressure

Be sure to let customers know that you are only following up to see if they have any questions or are confused with any part of the work or the quote.

3. Don't be desperate

It can make a customer feel pressured into taking your quote.

4. Ask questions

Whether the follow up is a success or not and you manage to speak with the decision maker try to establish why they made their decision. This will help with further quotations and make you look professional.

5. Put pen to paper if a phone call is ignored

A politely worded letter asking for communication regardless of outcome can prompt action. Even if this doesn't get the response you'd like, it'll allow you to put this particular quote to bed and move on to the next. Leave approximately 2 weeks before this is actioned.

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