A tradesman's guide to paperwork

Paperwork is a part of every tradesman's life — getting it right could be the difference between winning work or not. We've put together a series of guides to help you improve your paperwork with small, smart ideas.

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Latest guide
Cut time spent on your paperwork
in half

In half?! We hear you cry. Is it really possible? Well yes it is, and we'll show you how…

Spend less time on paperwork and more on doing the things that you love… ›

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A customer's point
of view

Everyone's done it at some point - maybe even more often than you'd like to admit; you've been too busy/tired/forgetful to properly estimate or quote a job for a customer.

Learn how to make your customers love you! ›

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Turn potential customers into paying clients

You've got the call to give a quote, but what else can you do to bag that job?

5 top tips to convert customers effectively ›

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Write a winning quote

So you've got past the first hurdle – getting the call from a customer to come size up the job. Now you've got a quote to write…

Learn how to quote like a pro ›

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Estimates vs Quotes

What is the difference? And does it really matter anyway? Well, yes actually it does…

Master your invoicing and estimating ›

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What to include in an invoice

Invoicing. It's a hassle. But no matter what you do, you'll still have to get it done.

Here are our top tips to make creating an invoice template that little bit easier.

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A Tradesman's Guide to Paperwork

Paperwork is not the most exciting subject to read about. And it's even less fun to have to do. But it is a part of a tradesman's life and a job that is here to stay.…

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